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Lead Poisoning: Top 10 States With the Highest Lead Levels in Children

LEADING THE WAY IN LEAD POISONING TOP 10 STATES WITH THE HIGHEST LEAD LEVELS IN CHILDREN = 1,000 Children with Confirmed BLLS 2 5 pg/dL NY IL OH FL NJ IA MI WI IN WHY IS LEAD DANGEROUS? THE CALLING CARDS OF AN INVISBLE KILLER KIDNEYS. When lead enters your body, kidneys tend to be one of the first targets, by dis- rupting the way the organ is de- signed to function. Kidney damage in children can produce hypertensive adults. NERVOUS SYSTEM. Too much lead in your blood can also be hard on your central nervous system, as it begins al- tering basic nervous system functions. BONES. If levels get high enough, lead exposure can absorb into bones. In pregnancy, females with high lead blood levels as children may release that toxic lead back into blood and negatively affect the fetus. BRAIN. Children with high lead levels may experience develop- mental delays, behavioral disor- ders, mental retardation, comas, convulsions, or even death. SOURCES: (1) lhttps://www.mayoclinic.orgidiseases-conditions/lead-poisoning/symptans-causes/syc-20354717 (2) hLtps:/ tiatives/lead-exposure/Pages/Lead-Exposure-in-Children.aspx (3) (4) tion/blood-lead-levels.htm NOTE: Data of lead blood levels provided by a census from the CDC. Results based on number of confirmed cases in children less that 72 months in 2017. Confirmed cases based on sample size; varles by each state. * New York City not included in the estimates for New York State. Modernastle 58,346 VINVATASNNEd 8 ==>=> 53,407 NEW YORK * OIHO 23,695 1 FLORIDA (= = = E NEW JERSEY WISCONSIN = ー = 98Z

Lead Poisoning: Top 10 States With the Highest Lead Levels in Children

shared by Eavesy on Dec 03
Here is an interesting infographic from the team at Modern Castle which shows which states in America have the highest levels of lead in children.


Modern Castle


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