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Lead poisoning dangers

LEAD POISONING DANGERS SIGNS OF LEAD POISONING: LEAD IN THE WORKPLACE: More than 3 million workers in the United States may be exposed to lead at their jobs. The following industries face an increased risk of lead poisoning: Mild Side Effects Include: Fatigue Battery Manufacturing Construction Demolition Jewellers Muscle Pain Pipe Fitters Printers Abdominal Pain Welders 3 MILLION WORKERS More Serious Symptoms Include: Severe Headaches Tremors Nerve Damage Seizures DEFECTIVE PRODUCTS: Products must conform to federal lead paint standards. Every year thousands of children's toys are recalled because they do not meet federal lead paint standards. Toys with lead are especially dangerous because children often suck or chew on them. Coma Death Lead Poisoning can occur when lead dust is breathed in or through ingesting lead dust or paint chips. Lead interferes with the normal function of the body and is very toxic to the bones, heart, kidneys, and nervous system, including the brain. Lead poisoning in children can stunt their development and cause permanent learning disabilities. Poisonings are generally classified as either acute or chronic. Acute lead poisoning means that a person was exposed to a high concentration of lead in a short period of time. Chronic lead poisoning means that a person was exposed to low concentrations of lead over a long period of time. LEAD PAINT: Lead paint was used in homes until 1978. More LEAD IN PLUMBING MATERIALS: than 38 million homes may still contain lead paint. Deterioration of lead paint can create lead paint chips and lead dust. Renovation projects in old houses can create lead paint dangers. For many years, pipes, plumbing fixtures, and soldering contained lead. even "lead-free" plumbing materials may contain up to 8% lead. As plumbing materials corrode lead particles can be released into the water. DANGERS OF LEAD POISONING TO CHILDREN AND PREGNANT WOMEN: Today Exposure to lead in the womb and lead poisoning in children can have serious mental side effects: 38 MILLION HOMES may still contain Lead Paint Impaired Attention/Concentration Lack of Motor Skills Communication Problems Memory Problems Call d'Oliveira & Associates E at 1-800-992-6878 for a free legal consultation. Hearing Loss Lower IQ Learning Disabilities

Lead poisoning dangers

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Lead poisoning is caused by high levels of this metal in the human body. It can occur by breathing in or ingesting lead dust or paint chips. This metal interferes with the normal function of the body ...




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