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LASIK Vs Contacts Safety

LASIK VS CONTACT SAFETY The risk of another The risk of an eye disease that sometimes infection called affects contact lens bacterial keratitis was 1 wearers, in 100 for people who Acanthamoeba keratitis, was about 1 daily wore contacts for 30 years. One (0 in 2000 people lost in 1000 for people who wore daily wear 594 contacts for 30 years. some vision because of the infection. 8756. 7890 eus 234 5 . Even though contacts that let more oxygen reach the eyes keep them healthier, new ways of doing LASIK are safer and better at correcting vision. BASED ON THE INFORMATION ABOVE, CONTACT LENSES ARE NOT ALWAYS A SAFER ALTERNATIVE TO LASIK SURGERY. Studies show that contact lens wearers are 10 times more likely to experience significant vision loss or blindness from wearing contact lenses than from having LASIK eye surgery. When LASIK surgery is performed by an experienced surgeon in a facility with excellent equipment and a careful screening process that ensures good candidacy, the rate of success is very high. 594 8756. 7890 Even though there is a small chance that LASIK surgery could cause complications such as an infection, these risks Laser eye surgery is a relatively less risky option than a lifetime of wearing contact lenses, according to several studies. are far less likely than those associated with contact lens wear. According to Oregon Health and Science University researchers, the risk for vision loss with refractive surgery may be OREGON HEALTH OHSU &SCIENCE lower compared to that of lifetime contact lens use. UNIVERSITY The risk of vision loss was highest in patients who wore extended contact lenses (while sleeping). By design, contacts are foreign objects, requiring physical finger touching to make contact with the eye. This can introduce the likelihood of an infection typically not associated with LASIK. LASIK is a relatively less risky vision correction procedure and safer than ever today; largely due to technology advances like all blade-free laser surgery, faster, more accurate lasers, more skilled surgeons, improved patient screening and other related factors. Just to quickly reiterate - contact lens wearers incur alin 1000 risk of significant loss of vision just from bacterial or parasitic infections. 594 8756. 7890 cua 234 5L ea 13254 u 田 日 This is more than 10 times higher the risk of significant loss of vision from LASIK by an experienced surgeon in a facility with excellent equipment and a careful screening consultation and process which ensures good candidacy. Long or short term contact lens use can cause serious and permanent vision damage. In severe cases, it can even Among those regularly using contact lenses, vision-threatening infections occur at a rate of 1in 2,000, whereas only 1in 10,000 LASIK recipients experience complications. cause blindness. LASIK is an investment in your vision, and is more cost effective than a lifetime of contact lens wear. The average contact lens wearer will spend tens of thousands of dollars in their lifetime on contacts. References tacts.cfm LASERCARE tacts.cfm EYE CENTER h.html

LASIK Vs Contacts Safety

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For years now, multiple debates have been raging on among eye doctors and patients alike, about the safety of contact lenses versus LASIK.




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