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Largest and Most Dangerous Drug Recalls

USA'S LARGEST PHARMACEUTICAL RECALLS OF THE LAST 40 YEARS LAME DF DRUG ABLE LABORATORIES GENERIC DRUGS FACT. 1 FACT. 2 MANUFACTURER ABLE produced The company filed for bankruptcy ABLE LABORATORIES LARORATORIES INe 30 generic products DATE OF RECALL MAY 27. 2005 NUMBER RECALLED E ALL ("MILLIONS") REASON QUESTIONS CONCERNING MANUFACTURING QUALITY IN JULY 2005 NAME OF DRUG FACT. 1 FACT. 2 BEXTRA MINFACTURER Cfizer top-selling products $1,300,000 in 2004 sales Pharmacia &Upjohn PFIZER SUBSIDIARY fined PFIZER was DATE OF RECALL APRIL 07. 2005 $1,195,000 NUMBER RECALLED ALL after admitting to defrauding and misleading when promoting the drug. INCREASED RISK OF HEART ATTACK AND STROKE DEFRAUD NAME DF DRUG VIOXX FACT. 1 FACT. 2 FACT. 3 MANLIFACTURER MERCK more than 38,000 DATE OF RECALL SEPT' 30. 2004 deaths were related to Vioxx use NUIVBER RECALLED ALL 25 Million Previous to the recal, the FDA called for changes on the labeling to include information about the increased risk of cardiovascular Merck settled Vioxx litigation for REASON V INCREASED RISK OF HEART ATTACK AND STROKE $4.8 Billion Americans had taken the drug events BAYCOL FACT. 1 FACT. 2 MANUACTURER BAYER 画 AUGUST 08. 2001 Baycol is no more dangerous than any other statin on the market after The clinical trials NUBER RECALLED ALL BRUCE M. PSATY REASON INCREASED RISK OF CONTRACT- ING RHABDOMYOLYSIS. And it was effective even at lower doses than the otherS by December of 1999 the company's reports already indicate the manifold higher risk of rhabdomyolysis NAME CF DRUG REZULIN FACT. 1 FACT. 2 FDA Determined MANUFACTIRER WARNER-LAMBERT FDA Doctor NO DATE OF RECALL REZULIN MARCH 21. 2000 who voiced concern over the drug was removed from the behest of WARNER LAMBERT resulted in severe liver toxicity in same patients NUMBER RECALLED 画 | ALL REASON CAUSALLY CONNECTED WITH HEPATITIS an action that delayed the recall process ILAME DF DRUG POSICOR FACT. 1 FACT. 2 FACT. 3 MANUFACTURER ROCHE Posicor was linked to vs FDA 123 DATE OF RECAL JUNE 08. 1998 Los Angeles Times MUMBER HECALLED ALL DEATHS AFTER ONE YEAR ON THE MARKET claimed that an even greater incidence of death was experienced by subjects in studies conducted prior to the drug's approval by the FDA Posicor is frequently cited as a textbook example of the dangers of rushing a drug to market. BEASON PRODUCED DANGEROUSLY LOW HEART RATES IN PATIENTS WHO COMBINED IT WITH ANY OF MORE THAN TWO DUZEN OTHER MEDICATIONS. NAME DF DRUG TERFENADINE (SELDANE) FACT. 1 FACT. 2 MANUFACTURER SELDANE HOECHST MARION ROUSSEL (NOW AVENTIS) one of the most popular allergy drugs in the US Ноechst sold $446 Million DATE OF RECALL DEC' 29. 1997 MJMBER RECALLED ALL in 1990 FEASON worth of it worldwide the vear before the recall CARDIAC ARRYTHMIA WHEN COMBINED WITH OTHER DRUGS FENFLURAMINE/ PHENTERMINE (FEN-PHEN) FACT. 1 FACT. 2 FACT. 3 MANUFACTURER WYETH-AYERST LABS. BATE OF RECALL SEPT. 1997 NUMIER RECALLED ALL 6,500,000 $14 Billion PHENTERMINE HEART DISEASE AND PULMONARY HYPERTENSION PEOPIE took Fen-Phen to fight obesity available in its standalone form financial damages to victims NAME OF DRUG TYLENOL FACT. 1 FACT. 2 MANUFACTURER JOHNSON AND JOHNSON DATE OF RECALL 1983 NUMBER RECALLED 31 MILLION BOTTLES the first The incident prompted tamper-proof seals to be introduced on much mass-manufactured packaging. LACED WITH CYANIDE product recall in the US DIETHYLSTILBESTROL (DES) FACT. 1 FACT. 2 MULTIPLE (NEVER PATENTED) DATE OF RECALL 1975 MUMBER RECALLED ALL RARE FORM OF CANCER IN DAUGHTERS OF THOSE WHO TOOK DES. DES was a preventative measure against miscarriage and premature delivery. DES can still be prescribed to men to treat estrogen deficiency. Resources: | | S066 ! 6 唱 画画 S 画 曲 31 画 囲 S 画 囲 画画 画画 S 画 囲

Largest and Most Dangerous Drug Recalls

shared by emanning on Feb 19
Even though pharmaceutical drugs undergo rigorous testing and are closely regulated by the government, harmful pharmaceuticals still occasionally reach the market. This infographic highlights the pha...


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