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Lactose Intolerance Vs. Dairy Allergy

LACTÓSE INTOLERANCE VS. DAIRY ALLERGY Is There A Difference? By LACTOSE DAIRY INTOLERANCE ALLERGY Absence or insufficiency of the enzyme "lactase." A misguided response by the immune system. Milk and it's by-products are not properly digested. The body thinks that milk I proteins are harmful allergens. Some symptoms include abdominal cramps, gas and bloating. Histamines are produced. causing hives, throat & nasal irritations etc. Lactose - name of the sugar found in milk. Lactase - enzyme which breaks down lactose to its digestible units. Allergen - a substance that causes a hyper- sensitive response by the immune system. Histamine - a compound involved in immune responses. An allergy is directly related to the immune system while lactose intolerance is a condition linked to the digestive system. Visit for more on this discussion and for other interesting info. creative ajay **

Lactose Intolerance Vs. Dairy Allergy

shared by foreveraj on Oct 25
Is there a difference between lactose intolerance and dairy allergy? Many people think these conditions are the same and use these terms interchangeably.


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