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killer dosage

MISCELLANEA THIS WEEK'S USEFUL INFO 1 gram KILLER DOSAGE Did you know that the account of deaths related to water intoxication are due to water drinking contests? In everyday life, we encounter many substances that are (CO)) 1 bottle = 1.5 litres considered safe. But we all know that any thing in excess is dangerous. Knowing the quantity of substance that our WATER ock body can take will always keep you from the harm's way. The following are the dosage that could prove fatal to the human body. 8,000 g (8.3 litres) ALCOHOL 5.5 bottles 0000 O000 500 g (480 ml) EQUIVALENT DOSAGE Type of substance O Biological 2 Organic cups Pharmaceutical Inorganic Industrial 90% purity 2 cups 50 pills 120 g coffee powder 2.7 teaspoons 1 pill = 0.6 gram 19 520 pills 1,000 bee's stings 0.05 teaspoon cigarette sticks 1 spoon = 0.25g of caffeine 1 stick = 0.007 g of nicotine GRAPHIC: MARCELO DUHALDE SOURCE: DAILY TELEGRAPH, MERCK SHARP & DOHME CORP. TABLE SALT 225 g IBUPROFEN Do00000000 I 30 CAFFEINE O0000000000 O00000000000000 I 15 g ARSENIC 00000000000000 I 13.8 g ASPIRIN O0000000000 | 11.2 g NICOTINE D000 I 3.7 g MERCURY CHLORIDE BEE'S VENOM )| 0.5 g

killer dosage

shared by marcelod on Dec 23
All substances in excesss are dangerous, but some of them just need a few millligrams to be lethal


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