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Is the Internet bad for your health?

The potential risks of spending too much time ONLINE Is the Bad Internet for Your Health? In America: Worldwide: Almost 85% 95% everyone uses the Internet 1 IN 7 of adults of teens people on Earth are on Facebook It's predicted that by 2016.. There will be The Internet It will rank as one of economy will reach the world's 3 billion AA top five economies $4.2 trillion Internet users (almost half the world's population) in the G-20 economies (ahead of Germany) How can using the Internet affect our brain? Addiction Brain damage It's estimated that A recent study showed that in 5%-10% of Internet some cases, several small regions in the brains of online addicts users are addicted 1/3 of people consider the Intemet as important as food, water, and shelter shrank by 10% to 20% Mood disorders In a study of the web habits of 216 kids, the Research has shown a ADHD diagnosis in children has risen potential link between pathological intemet use and ADHD and 30% who showed signs of depression were the in the last 66% decade most intense depression web users How can it affect our body? Eye strain Bad posture RI Extensive reading off a Using a computer for long periods is one of the most common causes of eyestrain computer screen tends to lead to hunching over and other bad posture habits In the past 30 years, the percentage of adults needing glasses grew from 25% to Musculoskeletal disorders are directly related to half of employee absenteeism in North America, which is estimated to cost hundreds of billions of dollars in compensation payouts, lost productivity, retraining costs, and more 41.6% How can it affect our lives? Sleep deprivation Relationship stress Bullying 1 in 10 parents Facebook is Americans spend at least 8 hours online around the world say their child has been cyberbullied cited as a a day staring at a screen and average only 6 hours of sleep, when 7 to 9 are contributing factor in 20% of divorces Bullied children are 2 to 9 times more likely to consider suicide recommended Will your health insurance cover Internet addiction? Intemet addiction isn't currently classified as a mental health disorder, although the American Psychiatric Association has recommended more research on this subject, so that could change. Other countries see the danger too China, Taiwan, and South Korea have started treating problematic Intemet use as a national health crisis Created for QuinStreet, Inc., 2012 insurance.cOm Sources Begperspectives.comicontentrarticlesimedia_entertainment_strategic_planning_4_2_trillion_opportunity_Internet_economy_g20 Ncbi.nlm.nih.govpubmed/22854219 2/07/08/is-the-intemet-making-us-crazy-what-the-new-research-says.html Psychcentral.comlib/2010/sleep-deprived-nation 2internet-health

Is the Internet bad for your health?

shared by Cyue on Nov 27
Most people know eating too much, smoking too much or drinking too much isn't going to improve your well-being, but is the Internet bad for your health? Given that Americans spend eight hours a day on...



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