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International buzz: Which countries consume the most alcohol?

Which Countries Consume The Most Alcohol? Drinking alcohol is something of a national pastime, but some countries might be taking this leisurely activity to the extreme. With this in mind, we were interested in finding out the top alcohol consuming nations.. read on to learn which countries drink the most alcohol and their favourite tipples. INTERNATIONAL Warning: not safe for teetotalers. BUZZ TOP BOOZE LOVING 25 COUNTRIES Average Annual Per Capita Alcohol Consumption In litres of pure alcohol Moldova Czech Republic Hungary Russia Ukraine Estonia Andorra 18.22 L 16.45 L 16.27 L 15.76 L 15.60 L 15.57 L 15.48 L Ю France Ireland Portugal 14.55 L Republic of Korea 14.80 L Lithuania Croatia Belarus Slovenia Romania 13.66 L 14.41 L 15.03 L 15.11 L 15.13 L 15.19 L 15.30 L United Kingdom Slovakia 13.37 L Denmark 13.37 L Latvia Bulgaria 12.44 L Poland Austria Germany Finland 13.33 L 13.25 L 13.24 L 12.81 L 12.52 L 12.50 L Choose Your Poison: Most Popular Drink By Country In litres of pure alcohol consumed per capita *BEER* Czech Republic 8.51 L Ireland Seychelles 7.15 L Austria Germany 7.04 L 6.70 L 6.22 L Lithuania Estonia Belgium Poland Denmark 5.60 L 5.53 L 5.49 L 5.27 L 5.06 L Portugal 6.65 L France Italy Croatia Andorra 8.14 L 6.38 L 5.80 L 5.69 L Celine Slovenia Switzerland Hungary Moldovia Argentina 5.10 L 5.10 L 4.94 L 4.67 L 4.62 L Republic of Korea 9.57 L Estonia Bosnia and Herzegovina Russia Latvia 9.19 L 6.88 L 6.24 L 7.08 L SPIRITS Slovakia Ukraine Bulgaria Lithuania Moldova 5.40 L 5.21 L 4.88 L 4.88 L 4.42 L メメメ ; otHER Armenia Nigeria 9.17 L Sierra Leone Belarus Uganda 14.52 L 9.36 L 6.06 L 2.67 L (includes one or several other alcoholic beverages, such as fermented beverages made from sorghum, maize, millet, rice, or cider, fruit wine, fortified wine, etc.) Ireland Australia United Kingdom 0.67 L New Zealand South Africa 1.09 L 1.02 L 0.18 L 0.75 L Source: World Health Organization

International buzz: Which countries consume the most alcohol?

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