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An Inside Look at ADHD

AN INSIDE LOOK AT ADHD WHAT IS ADHD? 123 TYPE 1 ADHD 0123 TYPE 2 ADHD 123 INATTENTION WITHOUT HYPERACTIVITY HYPERACTIVITY WITHOUT INATTENTION SYMPTOMS SYMPTOMS 123 • Trouble paying attention • Trouble paying attention • Trouble following directions • Restlessness • Trouble following through with tasks • Impulsive speech and actions • Shy or withdrawn behavior • Excessive talking • Easily distracted • Loud interactions with others • Seems disorganized or careless Difficulty waiting turns • Slow to process information • Frequent interruptions • Overactive • May have a quick temper ABC STRENGTHS STRENGTHS Creative Energetic Intelligent Eager to try new things Problem solving Hardworking Determined Perseverant eBLCc WEAKNESSES WEAKNESSES • Difficulty dealing with change due to fear • Difficulty connecting with others • May have problems with punctuality • Frustration that can lead to irritability or anger • Fear of expressing feelings • Difficulty cooperating • Inability to relax due to anxiety • May have learning difficulties • May seem depressed and lack motivation • May seem depressed and lack motivation 339 In addition to these two types of ADHD, there is a third type that involves both hyperactivity and inattention, combining the symptoms of the other two types. THE TRUTH ABOUT ADHD ΜΥΤΗ FACT ADHD is a very real developmental There's no such thing as disorder that affects 11% of schoolchildren in the U.S. 11% ADHD. Some children are, but some children are inattentive without hyperactivity. All kids with ADHD are hyperactive. ADHD can continue into adulthood Children wilI and be a lifelong issue. grow out of ADHD. Children with Many children with ADHD are highly intelligent. ADHD are not as smart as their peers. Children with ADHD do not Children with ADHD are just disobedient. misbehave on purpose. They often do their best to be “good" and do not act out intentionally. SOURCES: INFOGRAPHIC PROVIDED BY ABC 123 O y-causing-concern.html?src=mv&_r=2& Brain Balance wwW.BRAINBALANCEGREATERPHILLY.COM ACHIEVEMENT CENTERS

An Inside Look at ADHD

shared by BrittSE on May 16
Children with type 2 ADHD often exhibit a number of strengths, including an eagerness to try new things and a hard working spirit. Take a look at this Philadelphia children’s behavior infographic fo...


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