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Inside The Human Eye

Inside THE HUMAN- EYE EYE ANATOMY DIMENSIONS OUTERMOST LAYER 0.9 INCHES TALL • SCLERA Maintains shape of the eye 1 INCH DEEP • CORNEA 1 INCH WIDE Clear structure that allows light into the eye SECOND LAYER LENS Transparent disc focuses light • CHOROID Supplies blood to the eye Front end of choroid contains two parts •• IRIS Colored part of the eye with pupil in the middle 0.• PUPIL controls the amount of light that enters .• CILIARY BODY Adjusts the size of the lens INNERMOST LAYER • RETINA • ROD CELLS • CONE CELLS • MACULA Senses light Supply vision in Supply color and Center of the retina low light detail to vision • OPTIC NERVE Sends electric impulses that the brain interprets as vision HOW VISION WORKS LIGHT PASSES THE IRIS LIGHT REACHES the lens, which the ciliary body adjusts to focus the light on the retina through the cornea constricts or dilates the pupil to control the amount of light that enters 4 INSIDE THE RETINA ROD CELLS AND THIS CHEMICAL CONE CELLS light comes into contact with rod produces electric impulses in the optic nerve form a chemical called activated rhodopsin cells and cone cells (7 8 THE OCCIPITAL THE BRAIN LOBE processes the information and also reads this information to determine how to control interprets it as vision eye movement and behavior INFOGRAPHIC PROVIDED BY GERSTEIN O EYE INSTITUTE Sources: Topics/Health TopicDetailskids.aspx?p=335&np=152&id-1730 **

Inside The Human Eye

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The retina is located in the innermost layer of the eye and senses light. Rod cells in the retina supply vision in low light, while cone cells in the retina supply color and detail to vision. Find mor...


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