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Innovations In Oncology

INNOVATIONS IN ONCOLOGY The Future Looks Bright for the Fight Against Cancer Oncology is evolving, and the outlook for those with many types of cancer is better than ever. Take a closer look at cancer treatment and the recent (and developing) advancements improving our lives. CANCER RATES & MORTALITY Worldwide cancer incidence is expected to increase to nearly 22.2 million in 2030 12.8 MILLION 22.2 MILLION cancer deaths worldwide cancer deaths may occur 2008 2030 More Americans are surviving cancer today than in the past The National Cancer Institute estimates that 13.7 MIL. Est 1,660,290 Americans diagnosed with cancer in 2013 Americans were cancer survivors in 2012 This number will increase dramatically over the next 2 decades as more Americans reach ages 65+ This is nearly 2 million more than their 2008 estimate (12 million) Although cancer rates are increasing globally, we're rapidly advancing oncology innovation. THERAPY & PREVENTION PROCEDURES Oral Oncolytics An oral form of chemotherapy, often dispensed by a pharmacy and self-administered 2013: New oral oncolytics 25% of agents currently in the drug pipeline will be for oral administration agents hitting market 12x faster than in 2003 80% Yet up to 80% of patients don't take oral oncology agents as instructed by their physician, which can be fatal – and compliance is difficult for providers to monitor Immunotherapy I.e. Biologic therapy or Biotherapy Programs the immune system to Several immunotherapy fight diseases from within drugs in the pipeline, Stimulates existing immune system with melanoma among the targets May also add manmade immune system proteins |||| Over recent decades, Immunotherapy has become a key component of cancer treatment It often works best in conjunction with other treatments Preventive Measures and Precision Medicine Genetic Testing 5-10% of all cancers may have genetic roots strongly impacting risk Of the many types of genetic testing, predictive (searching for inherited gene mutations linked to risk of disease) is the most useful for cancer May help indicate best courses of treatment for This process involves testing for gene mutations (biomarkers) that may indicate cancer/cancer risk specific cancers Conventional Therapies Damage Normal Cells Targeted Therapies Limit Damage to Normal Cells While Still Fighting Cancer Reduces quality of life and may impact ability to continue treatment Usually in the form of small-molecule drugs or monoclonal antibodies Increases effectiveness Chemotherapy with fewer negative side effects Radiation Therapy Inhibits division of, and kills, cancer cells EDUCATION Treatment DO0 Staging (determining the progression of cancer) not only informs patients of their state of health, but also helps doctors determine the best course of treatment, usually with TNM: Tumor size Whether cancer has Whether cancer has reached lymph nodes metastasized to other organs Quality of Life Patients and families can get information on how to lead a healthy. happy life with cancer through Online resources Literature Mobile apps Support groups Specialized products Prevention We now know of numerous lifestyle changes we can implement to reduce the risk of cancer and stay healthy overall including good nutrition, DNA testing, and having a healthy lifestyle and positive outlook DNA Testing Healthy Lifestyle Good Nutrition PATIENT ACCESS SPAPS PAP EAPS Oncology Patient Assistance and Medicare and State Expanded Access Programs Patient Assistance Programs Access Programs Provide government aid – in most cases, SPAP beneficiaries Offer prescriptions and discount cards, with additional Offer new drug therapies with significant promise against specific cancers. before the drugs are FDA-approved only pay a SPAP copayment for medical services services from benefits verification to counseling Reserved for critically ill patients Primary focus of clinical trials: research Primary focus of EAPS: treatment BENEFIT DESIGN Oncology treatment is covered by most health plans The Also includes Affordable Care Act Cancer screenings will expand coverage for Check-ups a Cancer patients Survivors Better physician training on improving quality of life O Relatives of both PBM OBM Pharmacy Benefit Managers Oncology Benefit Managers specialize in oncology treatments and drugs, increasing compliance over standard contract with insurance and health providers to accurately review and fill prescriptions pharmacies PROGRESS IN CANCER RESEARCH IS HOPEFUL The FDA is awarding "breakthrough" status (a designation for expedited development) to oncology innovations more than any other field They have also approved II new cancer treatment drugs. 3 new uses for previously approved drugs. and 3 new imaging technologies Shorter development cycles not only quicken time to approval, but reduce the chance of multiple companies working on the same goal simultaneously With rapid and ingenuitive innovations in oncology, we could win the fight against cancer. Continuing this stride will require stronger focus on advancing regulatory policy, maximizing clinical trial engagement, and getting the right products into the right hands at the right time. SOURCES: CBI AN HADVANSTAR COMPANY

Innovations In Oncology

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The future looks bright for the fight against cancer. Oncology is evolving, and the outlook for those with many types of cancer is better than ever. Take a closer look at cancer treatment and the rece...




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