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[INFOGRAPHIC] Tinnitus & Deafness Statistics

Industrial Deafness - Tinnitus 0800 612 7703 Mercury Legal TINNITUS: Latin for 'ringing' Tinnitus is the medical noame for the perception of noise in one ear, both ears or head, in the absence of any corresponding external sound. The noises experienced are described as: ringing, whistling, hissing, buzzing, humming or music Tinnitus is caused by a prolonged exposure to a loud noise e.g. in the workplace /Л0 11 Approx. 1/10 people in the UK have some Awareness of tinnitus 1 in 200 people are severely affected by tinnitus Tinnitus is more common in older people Tinnitus may become more noticeable when you are tired or when there is an absence of background noise If you have suffered tinnitus as a result of working in a loud workplace & haven't been supplied with hearing protection, you are entitled to make a claim The amount of money you may receive in compensation varies due to a number of factors including whether or not the severity of your hearing loss tinnitus is present your age There is no set amount of time that you have to have worked in noisy conditions to develop problems with your ears. It very much depends on how susceptible you are as an individual to noise damage & the actual noise levels you are required to work in If you have a tinnitus case, you must Act begin your claim within 3 years of knowing that noise-induced hearing loss occurred. This is under the terms of Aci the Limitation Act. You will likely receive a significant pay-out for your claim but may require additional funds for a... digital hearing aid a white noise meter other necessary equipment We evaluate these requirements on a case-by-case basis and wil look to recover further compensation for you in these circumstances. Sources If you have suffered tinnitus or noise-induced hearing loss, visit 0800 612 7703 Mercury Legal

[INFOGRAPHIC] Tinnitus & Deafness Statistics

shared by mercurylegal on Mar 27
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This infographic, from Industrial Deafness Solicitors - Mercury Legal, raises awareness of industrial deafness and tinnitus from work.


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