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An Infographic Look At Medical Technology

AN INFOCRAPHIC LOOK AT MEDICAL TECHNOLOGY The term 'medical technology' can be used to refer to the procedures, equipment and processes by which medical care is delivered. Examples of changes in technology would include new medical and surgical procedures (eg. angioplasty, joing replacements), drugs (eg. biological agents), medical devices (eg. CT scanners, implantable defibrillators) and new support systems (eg. electronic medical records and transmission of information, telemedicine). STANDARD MEDICAL TECHNOLOGY IN CENERAL USE Electro-medical equipment Including pacemakers, diagnostic scanning machines, MRI machines Irradiation apparatuses Including X-ray devices and diagnostic imaging equipment Dental equipment, supplies Including drills, amalgams, cements, sterilizers, dental chairs Surgical appliances, supplies Including surgical dressings, artificial joints/limbs, wheelchairs Surgical, medical instruments Including anesthesia apparatus, syringes, orthopedic instruments BREAKTHROUCH INNOVATIONS IN MEDICAL TECHNOLOGY A device has been released onto the market using By inserting a 90-electrode sensor on the surface of the brain of a quadriplegic patient, scientists enable the patient to utilise a robot arm through the power of thought alone. Medical professionals predict that this technology will be generally available in the US by 2017-2022 iPhone technology to monitor medical statistics, such as pulse and oxygen levels. The iSp02 connects to the iPhone and allows users to monitor their health by sending data to the handset Metro reports that scientists have perfected a way of utilising DNA to store non-genetic information. The process involves the creation of synthetic, organic DNA, which is coded to include the information in binary format. The innovation may have application in medical treatment. Medical microchips have been discussed for over a decade, but the first attempt to trial their use took place in the United States in 2010. The company concerned, VeriChip Corporation, ceased trading when they were sued by a major shareholder. Scientists are developing a microchip that can be integrated into medical pills. The chip will not be digested, instead it remains in the body for the treatment cycle, monitoring levels of medication and alerting patients when they need to take their medicine again. Emerging technology involving robots whose components are at, or close to, the scale of a nanometer. They are capable of operating on a cellular level within the body, and could be utilised to administer medicines in a targeted way and may have particular use for cancer treatment. FACTORS EFFECTING THE OWTH OF MEDICAL TECHNOLOGY Research into fighting HIV has been dramatically increased due to investment Viagra is an excellent example of how consumer demand can effect the market Investment in research Consumer demand The more money invested in research, the faster the growth An area of medicine with a high demand will see increased growth Research into cancer is an example of how personal trauma affects investment !! Global conflicts have lead to improved prosthetics and modern field medicine Personal prestige Pressure of war Rapid growth can come from an individual desire to change Large wars with widespread injury will cause rapid growth Professional demand for better treatment Demand for improved treatment from professionals will see increased growth HEALTH RESEARCH AND HEALTH CARE SPENDING IN THE US I Health care spending I Health research and development 3000 2500 2000 1500 1000 500 Year '91 '01 '02 "04 *05 "06 '07 "08 "09 "10 11 KEY ECONOMIC FACTS AND FIGURES IN AUSTRALIA, THE US AND EUROPE The medical technology market in Australia employs 17,500 people The revenue from the medical technology sector is $7.6 billion (US dollars) 1.7% The medical technology market in Australia is worth $4 billion (US dollars) The medical technology industry in Australia accounts for a 1.7% share of the world market 40% The medical technology market in the US is worth $100o billion (40% of world market) The medical technology market in Europe was valued at $95 billion in 2009 The medical technology market in the US exports $38 billion every year One patent relating to medical technology is filed every 38 minutes in Europe SOURCES | | | | microscope | | | Briggs &Butler Spending in billions ($) MICROCHIP MEDICA TION DNA ELECTRODE SENSORS (robot limbs for patients) STORACE nonitoring medicine levels) (for medical records) ONVN ROBOTICS (cancer, microsurgery) MICROCHIP RECORDS MEDICINE 3NOHDI (for medical record access) (monitors vital statistics)

An Infographic Look At Medical Technology

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An infographic look at medical technology - the applications, growth and future of how we utilise modern technology to improve patient care and rehabilitation.


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