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Influ-Venn-Za Pigs often a source of flu pandemics as they cạn be infected by bird, human & swine flus. Worse-case, they açt as a bridge for newly evolved virus strains to cross from birds to humans. Who can catch what? pigs April 2013 - suspected mutation of an avian virus, may have been involved in the death of thousands of pigs outside Shanghai, China. Human fatality rațe is unknown but has infected 28 humans to date, killing nine. The "Bird Flu" most mentioned in the media. Kills 60% of humans it infects. But direct human-to-human transmission has not been reported. Lesser known "bird flu" endemic in poultry in Eurasia. Rarely seen in humans. H7N7 НЗN2 H9N2 HIN2 The most common variant of "Swine Flu". As "Spanish Flu" it killed 50-100 million people in 1918. The 2009-10 pandemic killed 15,000 worldwide. H5N2 H5N3 HION7 H7N9 HINI H5N1 HEN9 birds humans Influenza Type A is divided into H &N strains (i.e. H1N1) referring to different combinations of: H13N2 HION7 H7N3 H = hemagglutinin (binds to cells) Influenza H2N2 Types B & C N= neuraminidase (surface enzyme) H13N9 Н6 'Common flu'only found in humans. Less harmful than type A. Doeş not cause pandemics. НЗ H4N5 НЗNЗ H7N7 H7 H3NB seals text SIZE = human fatality rate Caused "Asian Flu" pandemic in 1957 then disappeared from human population. Still circulates in birds. horses bats LIGHT TEXT = rarely infects humans H17 Concept & Design: David McCandless Research: Ella Hollowood additional design: Phillipa Thomas Version 1.1/ April 2013 Sources: Centres for Disease Control, WHO data: KIB_influenza formal apologies for virulent pun


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A new strain of bird flu has broken out in the Shanghai area of Eastern China. David McCandless asks who can catch which flu?


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