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The Importance of Safety While Exercising

GET HEALTHY & STAY INJURY FREE A QUICK GUIDE TO ENHANCE YOUR GYM EXPERIENCE PERCENTAGE OF GYM INJURIES Head: 12.1% Hand: 18.6% Arm: 6% Upper Trunk: 25.3% Lower Trunk: 19.7% Leg: 4.4% Foot: 13.1% Other (internal injuries): 0.8% UPPER TRUNK Lorem ipsum dolar st amet consactaur adpiscing ARM LOWER TRUNK LEG FOOT IMPORTANCE OF SAFETY WHILE AT THE GYM Safety is a severely underrated topic in the fitness world. Lifting weights can be a fun and challenging way to improve your strength, body image and overall health. However, when lifting weights, you should always ensure that you are taking all of the proper precautions to keep yourself from getting hurt. [1] You always need to utilize proper form when carrying heavy weights; otherwise, you could hurt yourself. Additionally, using improper form will hinder you from improving your body! [!] Don't try to strain and lift more weights than your body can handle. Yes, stretching for a personal best in the bench press is important, but you have to know what your limits are at the same time. Trying to lift more weights than you are physically capable of will likely lead to an injury. [!] Overtraining is pointless-it leads injuries. Make sure to always allow your body to get the rest it needs before working out again! fatigue and possible STEPS TOWARD PREVENTING INJURIES [1] SCHEDULE PERSONAL TRAINING A personal trainer can help you with your form A personal trainer can instruct on what exercises are necessary for you and when you should do them. A personal trainer can spot you while you lift weights. [2] BRING A FRIEND If your friends do not yet have a gym membership, convince them to come get fit with you. Friends can help motivate you Friends can make working out more enjoyable. Friends can spot you while you lift weights. [3] ATTEND A GROUP CLASS You don't always have to lift free weights to improve your body. Attending a fitness class will allow you to be instructed by a professional concerning how to get more fit. Working out with a group of people can motivate you to work harder! [4] (Z1 PRE-WORKOUT MEAL ing out, you have to eat a proper pre-workout meal in order to have the energy necessary to exercise with 100% effort. A pre-workout meal should contain carbohydrates-preferably complex carbohydrates, which break down slowly-to provide energy, lean protein in order to minimize any protein breakdown or protein damage during your workout and healthy fats. [5] STAY HYDRATED Hydration is important throughout the day, but especially when you work out. You need to have the fluids necessary to stay energized throughout the workout. Drink 16 to 24 ounces of water an hour before working out Drink 8 ounces every 15 minutes during activity. BROUGHT TO YOU BY FITNESS FOR LIFE AS SEEN ON 8+ Fitness For Life Sources. Collins. Christy L. Comstock, R. Dewn: Kerr. Zachary Y. Epidemiology of Weight Training-Related Injuries Presenting to United Slates Emergency Departments. 1990 to 2007 The Best Pre-Workout Foods to Eat chitp:/>

The Importance of Safety While Exercising

shared by Fit4Life on Apr 11
This infographic details the importance of safety while exercising. Additionally, it outlines five ways that you can ensure your own safety while working out!


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