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The Importance of Proper Wound Care

THE IMPORTANCE OF PROPER WOUND CARE Whether a wound comes from injury, surgery, or disease, caring for it properly is crucial. Wound care typically involves: Cleaning Disinfecting Protecting Using clean hands to clean the area with mild soap and water. Applying antibiotic ointments Covering the wounds with primary and sometimes secondary dressings in order to keep out contaminants and maintain a moist wound environment for rapid healing Wound Care Prevents Infection A wound becomes infected when bacteria or other microorganisms colonized. The risks can be mild to serious: A delay in wound healing. X Deterioration of tissue. X Serious pain and discomfort. X Spreading of infection to the skin. X Spreading of infection to the blood vessels. Wound Care Speeds Healing It's a common misconception that letting wounds "breathe" by keeping them uncovered is the best way to speed healing, but it's simply not true. Keeping wounds wrapped in a clean dressing speeds healing by: In some cases, applying pressure to encourage hemostasis and prevent hemotoma Immobilize the wound Reducing the risk of infection, which slows the healing process Allowing oxygen to enter and water vapor to escape Absorbing drainage Wound Care Minimizes Scarring Another misconception is that letting wounds scab is the best method for healing. Evidence shows that wounds kept moist heal more quickly, and scabbing actually increases the visibility of scars. Keeping wounds moist keeps the skin pliable and soft, and therefore, makes for a less visible scar after healing. LLLLTMALLLLL R SAVE RITE MEDI CAL Visit for more information.

The Importance of Proper Wound Care

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This infographic stresses the importance of proper wound care. It explains how with proper care you can prevent further infections and speed up the healing process.


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