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The Huggins Protocol - Why Mercury Amalgam Fillings Are Harmful And Should Be Removed

THE HUGGINS PROTOCOL mercury amalgam fillings are 50% mercury Mercury vapors seep from these fillings 24 HOURS A DAY There is growing agreement that these currents are potentially harmful, since they block the meridians and the bio-energetic fields of your body. Dental Amalgam Dental amalgam is a mixture of metals, consisting of I Liquid mercury I Powdered alloy composed of I Silver I Tin Copper 72% of those surveyed in the US didn't know that silver fillings contain mercury Biological Dentists Also known as holistic, or environmental dentists The primary aim of holistic dentistry is to resolve your dental problems while working in harmony with the rest of your body What are considered SAFE MATERIALS Is METAL FREE necessary? "Safe' dental materials do not produce toxins, or react adversely to your immune system. A special blood test can determine which dental materials react with your personal immune system. What can be done during AMALGAM REMOVAL to keep you SAFE? Using a high-volume evacuator near the tooth at all times to evacuate Providing you with an alternative air source and instructing you not to breathe through your mouth the mercury vapor Immediately cleaning your protective wear and face once the fillings are removed Using a cold-water spray to minimize mercury vapors Using room air purifiers Washing your mouth out immediately after the fillings have been removed Putting a dental dam in your mouth so you don't swallow or inhale any toxins Sources: angnenmet-tleg renovl.cen--teangh OCOMTO Centers Healin oryconmoe-ayvere te-epos EENationalPositions

The Huggins Protocol - Why Mercury Amalgam Fillings Are Harmful And Should Be Removed

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Mercury is a toxic substance that is known for its health effects on people of all ages. Exposure to this substance can have many adverse effects, some of which still aren’t understood. Although mer...


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