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How Your Preschooler Benefits from Nap Time

HOW YOUR NN PRESCHOOLER BENEFITS FROM NAP TIME THE IMPORTANCE OF NAP TIME IN PRESCHOOL When your preschooler sleeps, her brain is processing memories that are critical for learning Some experts say that napping should be a part of every preschool curriculum Research indicates that skipping naps can reduce a child's performance in memory-based activities WHY YOUR According to the National Institutes of Health, getting CHILD NEEDS adequate sleep during childhood: TO NAP Is essential for healthy growth and development Napping conserves energy Helps children get along well with others Kids need more sleep when going through a growth spurt Supports learning throughout each day KNOWING WHEN YOUR CHILD NEEDS A NAP Kids show signs when they need a nap Some possible cues include fussiness, sitting and staring, blinking, yawning, crankiness, and rubbing of the eyes You can keep yourself and your child happier by not ignoring these signals CREATING AN IDEAL ENVIRONMENT FOR SLEEP Aim for the same location and time for naps Avoid checking in, as this can be distracting for children While your child is in preschool, try to stick to the same nap schedule at home DID YOU KNOW? Nap patterns are usually established during infancy and in response to feeding schedules Newborns sleep throughout ||| the day between feedings Sleeping patterns change as kids wand need less aleep grow OUTGROWING THE NEED FOR NAPS The average child stops taking morning naps between 12 and 18 months of 00000 0000000 0000000 0000000 D000000 00000OC age 00000 0000000 J000000O 0000000 lo000 0000 00000 00000 D000000 lo000000 0000000 0000 0000O 0000000O loo00000 0000 000000O lo000000 0000 000000O 0000000 0000 0000O Do00000 0000000 o000000 0000 Most preschoolers sleep for about 11 to 12 hours at night and take an afternoon nap Typically, children stop taking afternoon naps by age PROVIDED BY: TANGLEWOOD ACADEMY TANGLEWOODACADEMY.COM SOURCES:

How Your Preschooler Benefits from Nap Time

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A newborn baby tends to sleep in between feedings, and early napping patterns can set the stage for the rest of childhood! Learn about the benefits of nap time by looking at this infographic.


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