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How To Use a NALOXONE Overdose Prevention Rescue KIT Infographic

How To Use a NALOXONE Overdose Prevention Rescue KIT what Is aN OVERDOSE PREVENTION RESCUE KIT & a how to Facesras OvVERnOSE PREVENTYo'Res FREYENCON DE SORPESS "DRug overdose deaths in the UNited States have iNCReased fivefold since 1990, claiming the ives of 27,658 americaNs N 2007 WHOTS IN A NOLOXONE OVERDOSE PREVENTION RESCUE KIT? How the kit is assembled isn't nearly as important as whether or not it contains all the necessary ingredients. These kits require a wide range of medical tools such as: Injectable naloxone or intranasal naloxone CAlcohol pads DOSE PREVENTIO RESCUE E PENCION DE SOREDO DE ResceTE Rubber gloves Rescue breathing masks Written materials containing information on overdose prevention, recognizing overdose, responding to overdoses, how to put the intranasal naloxone together and aftercare information including information on obtaining naloxone refills InlSegle-doa NALOXONE HO hiceior, USP 04 mg. Far LV, LM, or S.C. use. hoct trom light. R anly ROSPA WA, LANE FOEST WHOT DRUGS DOES NOLOXONE COUNTEROCT? OxyContin Caycckr byanchs ouniet-ralézsi tas 10mg Охусontin Vicodin R, Only 1C Taciera Frtue bharü " Codeine Fentanyl Morphine Heroin Methadone NALOXONE REMAINS IN THE SYSTEM FOR A SHORT AMOUNT OF TIME. MANY OPIATES WILL REMAIN IN THE SYSTEM FOR MUCH LONGER THAN THE NALOXONE. HOW TO CDMINISTER NOLOXONE START WITH A STERNAL RUB Which is a test for responsiveness by grinding your knuckles with a clenched fist up and down the victim's breastbone (or sternum). IF NO REACTION Go To Step #2 CALL 911 FOR RESCUE ASSIST GIVE RESCUE BREATHING -Clear throat of any obstructions -Lift neck to open airway -Put mask on -Put hand on forehead -Pinch the nose -Breathe twice hard and quickly -Wait 5 seconds and give another breath -Count to 5 and give one breath -Continue to count to five and give one breath ADMINISTER NALOXONE syainge -Put gloves on -Uncap syringe -Uncap Naloxone vile -Pull entire content into syringe -Inject syringe into sholder in a jabbing motion spRay OR -Take yellow caps off -Take cap off of Naloxone -Put nose piece on -Insert Naloxone into tube until you get resistance -Put half of dose into each nostril CONTINUE RESCUE BREATHING FOR THREE TO FIVE MINUTES -If this doesn't work, give second dose of Naloxone (start at step #4) STAY WITH THE PERSON UNTIL HELP ARRIVES WHOT HOPPENS OFTER NOLOXONE IS WORKING Naloxone only lasts 30-90 minutes The Person may feel sick from withdrawal -► DON'T ALLOW THEM TO USE DRUGS IS NOLOXONE DONGEROU S Naloxone doesn't have any negative side effects

How To Use a NALOXONE Overdose Prevention Rescue KIT Infographic

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When it comes to preventing deaths from drug overdose, abstaining from recreational drug use is, of course, the best cure. However, naloxone overdose prevention rescue kits are excellent options as a ...


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