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How Sugar Has Been Changing America

HOW SUGAR HAS BEEN CHANGING AMERICA of annual deaths are caused by diabetes 17% 331% of children and of U.S. population of U.S adults 83% adolescents ages 15% has diabetes are obese 2-19 are obese 2580000- 231m 12 smon- 500,000+ THEN NOW 1915 2011 175 150 Pounds of sugar Pounds of sugar consumed, per consumed, per person, in 1915 person, in 2011 ............ ...... .. 1915 1940 1965 1985 2011 SUGAR RUSH! 10 FOODS SURPRISINGLY HIGH IN SUGAR GRAPE JUICE SOBE GREEN TEA MOUNTAIN DEW SNICKERS BAR YOPLAIT YOGURT 12 oz 20 oz 12 oz 59 g 170 g 75 g 22% 6l g 18% 46.5 g 30 g 51% 28 g Grams of Sugar % of Sugar to Total 25% 16.5% Sugar Cubes (417g) DEL MONTE'S SORBET MOTT'S APPLESAUCE ORANGE RED SEEDLESS WEIGHT WATCHER'S MUFFIN 127.5 g 4 oz 270 g 126 g 62 g 26 g 20% 259 23 g 9% 20 g 18 g 29% Grams of Sugar % of Sugar to Total 22% 16% 370 Sugar Cubes (417g) NOT ALL SUGAR IS THE SAME: A COMPARISON OF SUGAR SUBSTITUTES Eoual SUGAR IN THE RAW SWEET 'N OW Splenda, truvía IT TASTES LIKE SUCAR Main Ingredient: Main Ingredient: Aspartame Main Ingredient: Sucralose Main Ingredient: Main Ingredient: Saccharin Stevia Natural Sweetener Negative Effects: It has been investigated as a possible cause of mental retardation, Negative Effects: Truvia has been linked with some Negative Effects: Negative Effects: Positive Effects: This is Saccharin had been Tests have shown a good substitute for regular white sugar for a few reasons. First, brown sugar contains linked to cases of atrophy of lymph follicles in the thymus and spleen, signs of bladder cancer in lab gastrointestinal issues such as causing gas, bloating, and constipation. Some other possible side tested animals. While saccharin has been brain tumors, epilepsy, shrunken thymus Parkinson's disease, fewer calories than currently "delisted" as a carcinogen in humans, there is still white sugar. Since this is the unrefined form of sugar, it retains a higher nutritional value. There are glands, increased birth defects, diabetes, cercal weight, and and fibromyalgia. Aspartame has stirred up a lot of controversy since it was initially approved by the FDA. lowered red blood effects could be increased risk in some cell count. There is headaches and small sub-groups like heavy users of these artificial sweeteners. chlorine in sucralose, exhaustion. Since which means Stevia is a herb, some also other natural consuming a large quantity could be toxic. people may experience components contained an allergic reaction from consuming Stevia. in the brown sugar that make it beneficial to human health. Avail Clinical Research An Accel Research Site SOURCES

How Sugar Has Been Changing America

shared by stephenavail on May 11
We created a brand new infographic which illustrates how sugar consumption has been changing America. The fact of the matter is that Americans are eating too much sugar as a whole. For many people in ...


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