How to stop Ebola virus disease from spreading

How does Ebola spread? Person at risk Infectious sick person --. Movement * Contact tracing Infected, asymptomatic person (not infectious) Person not at risk - Infection O Isolation Reservoirs Bats and other wild animals are the suspected reservoirs of Ebola. O Transmission to humans Infected bushmeat is brought to the villages by hunters. 2 Only symptomatic people are infectious The incubation period can range between two and 21 days. People are infectious as long as their blood and bodily fluids contain the virus. 3 Hospitals as amplifiers When infectious people who enter a hospital are not cared for under strict infection tectim ntan mgemanta control measures, hospitals can become a major amplifier of the disease. .-----. ato as days 4 Unsafe burial practices Funerals where mourners touch the deceased are one of the main amplifiers for spreading the virus. O Strict protocols Vigorous hospital infection control measures are applied in designated Ebola Infection control measurented treatment units. O Seeking medical help People who have been exposed to Ebola or have symptoms should seek medical care immediately. 2 Safe burial practices All contact with the bodies of those who 3 Contact tracing died from Ebola is 4 Medical equipment Identifying and following-up those who had contact with an avoided. Prompt and safe burial of the dead minimises the risk of Doctors and nurses wear ill person is essential to curb the spread of the disease. sterilised protective clothing, such as gloves, masks, gowns and eye shields, and are trained in the safe donning (putting on) and doffing (taking off) of protective gear. infection. How can it be stopped? ecoc The control of the outbreak relies on breaking the chain of transmission through containment measures and changing people's behaviour. UOAN CENTE rOR DAE PEVENTION AND CONTRO

How to stop Ebola virus disease from spreading

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The control of the #Ebola #outbreak relies on breaking the chain of transmission through #containment measures and changing people's #behaviour.




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