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How To Quit Soda

How to Quit Soda Soda is bubbly soda is delicious, and soda wakes you up. Sadly, soda also rots your teeth and piles on the pounds – so if it's your go-to drink O when thirst calls, try these handy hints on how to quit the habit. HOW ADDICTED ARE YOU? Do you drink soda every day? Do you get cranky if you don't get your soda? Has a family member ever asked What is it with you If you're thirsty, do choose water over and soda?" soda? If ordering a refill, do you refill more than 3 times? Have you ever replaced food with a soda? If you go to buy a soda, do you buy six pack? When halfway through a soda, do you start thinking about Does reading this flow chart make you want a soda? your next one? The Part Time Soda Seeker The Addict The Healthy One You're not a full blown You can't get enough of soda and you think about it way too much. addict, but you sure love your soda. You could do with cutting down. You're not a soda addict. Keep it up! 12 ways & TO WEAN YOURSELF OFF SODA 1. Count the calories A 20 oz bottle of Coke packs a 240 calorie punch – add them up as you go, and they'll soon look less appetizing. 2. Take it slow Try cutting down to one soda a day for a couple of weeks, so your body is prepared to quit it altogether. 3. Get your caffeine fix elsewhere An unsweetened iced tea will actually be good for you – and you can jazz it up with lemon, mint or the occasional pinch of sugar. 4. Take a little water with it Water down your soda and you'll not only keep yourself hydrated, but also acclimate your taste buds to a weaker sugar hit. 5. Count the cost Add up how much you spend on soda in a week, and multiply it by 52 to get your annual bill. Then daydream about what else you could spend that figure on. 6. Buy caffeine free It may be the caffeine that has you coming back for more. Studies have shown that drinking decaf soda can reduce the amount you consume. 7. Put a decoy in your fridge Keeping a jug of water (with fruit or cucumber in it) or carton of juice in the refrigerator can make you think twice before grabbing a soda. 8. Avoid soda triggers If there's a machine in your office, try to take the long route around it. If you have a friend who drinks soda with you, challenge them to cut back too. 9. Enforce a temporary ban JANUARY Set yourself a two-week break from soda so it doesn't seem so tough, and chances are when the time has passed your body won't even miss it anymore. 10. Thỉnk about what you're actually drinking If you stop calling it 'soda' and start calling it 'artificially flavored sugar drink,' that fizz should gradually feel less enticing. 11. Soda pop is not the only carbonated drink Get yourself a drink carbonator or buy flavored seltzer drinks from the shop for that bubbly hit without the damaging side effects. 12. We can beat this thing together If you have a buddy who's stuck on soda, or carbs, or whatever – challenge them to go through that two-week cold turkey period with you. Soda can make a tasty treat, but when you start opening those cans on autopilot the costs to both your health and your wallet can quickly escalate. Get a few of these quitting techniques under your belt and soda addiction will soon be a thing of the past. Sources MacMillan, A. (2016). 13 Ways to Stop Drinking Soda for Good. Hart, M. (2014). I Tried to Quit Diet Soda 4 Times. Here's What Finally Changed My Ways. Geary, K. (2014). How to Break Your Soda Habit. cc CashNetUSA. This image is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International License EMoney's on the way®

How To Quit Soda

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How much soda do you drink? If you are drinking multiple cans a day, our flowchart and guide will help you quit.




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