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How to quit smoking

Quit? How to SMOKING 1. DECIDE TO QUIT Quitting smoking is a marathon, not a sprint. Remember from the start that it is not possible to quit smoking in a day. Decide that it's time to quit and stick to your lifechanging decision. 2. PICK A QUIT DAY Pick a date from when you will completely stop smoking. 3. MAKE A PLAN Plan how would you like to stop your smoking habit. ! PROGRESSIVE COLD QUITTING TURKEY Progressive Quitting is all about i reducing the number of cigarettes I you smoke per day until the number ! reaches zero. Going Cold Turkey means not smoking even a single cigarette. I Eliminate every thing that has to do with smoking from your life. 4. COPE WITH WITHDRAWAL EFECTS Be prepared to refrain from smoking even in difficult situations. Stick to your decision to quit. Do not smoke even once however the attraction and struggle if you are planning to go cold turkey. Smoking even once will ruin your attempt to quit. Avoid triggering activities like going to bars, drinking coffee or gathering with smoker friends. Bar Keep substitutes for cigarettes on hand at all times, like chewing gum, candy, nicotine patch etc. Keep your hands busy using a stress ball, pencil or marbles. This will distract your mind from craving for a smoke. Practice meditation regularly to be strong mentally and deal with cravings. Accept the fact that you really want to quit. You have to do it and you will be succesful. A new life is waiting for you. Incorporate various activities & hobbies into your daily routine. This will help you stay busy. Try Acupuncture therapy to help reduce nicotine dependency. Acupuncture reduces psychological pressure, anxiety, depression and increases the will for affirmative action. Reward yourself for your success by buying new clothes, eating a good meal, planning a trip, etc. This will keep you more focused in your quest. Think positive despite any negative thoughts. Reconcile with your weakness and do not despise yourself because you feel dependent on tobacco. Drink more water to eliminate toxins that have accumulated in your body, while reducing your desire to smoke. Avoid drinking alcohol, nightouts, etc. Reducing alcohol decreases the temptation of smoking. SUPPORT GROUPS Gather emotional support by consulting with your friends and family. Join support groups in your locality. Think about the long term health advantages that outweigh the struggle you are facing to fight the nicotine addiction. Surround yourself with people who have also quit smoking and gather psychological support from them. ELECTRIC CIGARETTES? E-Cigarette is a battery-powered vaporizer which simulates the feeling of smoking, but without tobacco combustion. The benefit of e-cigarettes for quitting smoking is uncertain and unproven. CABLE FDA NOT APPROVED Not approved by May contain Nicotine Contains carcinogenic Formaldehyde FDA

How to quit smoking

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Infographics on process for quitting smoking, coping measures and methods.


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