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How to Prevent Hearing Loss

How to Prevent Hearing Loss Hearing loss is a worrying trend in the UK... Over 800,000 people are profoundly deaf 10 million people in the UK suffer from Almost 75% of over 70 year- some form of hearing loss - about 1 in 6 olds suffer from hearing loss Everyday activities can place enormous stress on the ears How Loud Is Too Loud? Noise-induced hearing damage is related to the duration and volume of exposure. Government research suggests the safe exposure limit is 85 decibels for eight hours a day. Some common decibel levels: FAINT MODERATE VERY LOUD EXTREMELY LOUD PAINFUL dB (30 (40 (50 (60 (70 (80 (90 (100 (110 120 (130 (140 140 115 120 105 110 Quiet 90 85 Vacuum cleaner Power lawn mower room Hair dryer, motorcycle, truck traffic Firecrackers, gun blast 60 Whisper Nomal conversation Jackhammer Moderate rainfall Alam clock, city traffic Chain saw, snowmobile Sandblasting. Gunshot, Raindrops Normal Busy city conversation traffic Hair Rock Chain- An iPod Jack- loud rock concert dryers concerts saws at peak hammers fireworks volumes Sources: WSJ research When working in noisy environments, take steps to guard your ears Pinna Some useful Yog( Semicircular products include: cana Incus Stapes Malleus Vestibule Auditory nerve - Foam earplugs - Re-usable plugs Cochlea Base Арех - Ear defenders Round window window Eardrum Oval Ear canal Sponsored by SOUNDPROOF

How to Prevent Hearing Loss

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Hearing loss is a worrying trend in the UK. Around a sixth of the population is affected.


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