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How Obese Drivers Hurt The Effort To Curb Fuel Consumption

THE SEESAW BATTLE OF FUEL EFFICIENCY High gas prices and increased pressure from federal regulators are pushing car manufacturers to create lighter, more fuel-efficient vehicles. However, the growing trend of American obesity adds unexpected weight to vehicles, making it difficult for consumers to realize %24 fuel efficiency gains. HERE'S A LOOK AT THE COMPLEX STRUGGLE BETWEEN FUEL EFFICIENCY AND WEIGHT. 100 THE DIFFERENCE WEIGHT MAKES PASSENGER WEIGHT 39 MILLION GALLONS FUEL OF FUEL ARE USED PER YEAR FOR EVERY POUND added on in average passenger weight. 1] More than one-third of U.S. adults are obese. [2] SELF-REPORTED WEIGHT IN 2011 WAS HIGHER THAN EVER. 131 WOMEN MEN 160 Ibs. 196 lbs. AND PASSENGER WEIGHT HAS ONLY BEEN GROWING. EXAMINE THE DRAMATIC INCREASE IN OBESITY FROM 1990 THROUGH 2010: [4] 1990 2010 Percentage of Obese U.S. Adults I No Data I<10% I 10%-14% I 15%-19% I 20%-24% 25%-29% 230% Between 1960 and 2002, 1 BILLION GALLONS OF GASOLINE A YEAR FUEL could be attributed to the weight gain of the passengers of non-commercial vehicles. [1] FUEL-EFFICIENCY STANDARDS PREMIUM CORPORATE AVERAGE FUEL ECONOMY (CAFE) Regulations were enacted in 1975 to help increase the fuel economy of cars and light trucks. (5) HERE'S A LOOK AT THE MPG THESE REGULATIONS WILL REQUIRE GOING FORWARD. 37.8 34.1 44.7 38.8 32.8 25.2 >>> >>> Light Trucks Cars 2012 2016 2020 Just-released CAFE standards require the fuel economy of new cars and trucks to jump to: 54.5 MPG by 2025. 16] EXPERTS SAY THIS WILL TRANSLATE INTO MPG IN THE HIGH 30s FOR MOST DRIVERS. CUTTING DOWN THE POUNDS CUTTING DOWN ON WEIGHT IS IMPORTANT BECAUSE EVERY 100 POUNDS: Equals one fewer mile Can cut MPG V by up to 2%.171 per gallon. (8) THIS CASE STUDY ILLUSTRATES HOW CAR MAKERS ARE CUTTING VEHICLE WEIGHT: 191 2013 Nissan Aftima Weight has been reduced with high-tech metal. It uses: More than 50% It's lighter than traditional steel. high-strength steel. It will help create an I estimated 38 MPG highway rating. Lightweight aluminum in various areas. This car is the lightest in its class - 80 Ibs. lighter than its predecessor. EVERY OUNCE COUNTS. SOME CURRENT CAR FEATURES ARE HEADED FOR THE JUNK HEAP: 191 MANUAL CD players Owners manuals Spare tires REPLACED BY GO DIGITAL SWAPPED FOR MP3 players iPads or flash drives Air pumps The challenge of making more fuel-efficient cars is compounded by passenger body weight. But as demands for better gas mileage grow, carmakers will continue to find new ways to tip the scale wars. THE ONLY UNKNOWN? WHETHER PREHIUM CONCLUSION U.S OBESITY WILL CONTINUE ITS UPWARD TREND. Allstate. You're in good hands. SOURCES [1] safety-and-fuel-economy-htmi [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] historic-545-mpg-fuel-efficiency-standard [7] [8] solve-car-obesity-problem?lite [9] ---------

How Obese Drivers Hurt The Effort To Curb Fuel Consumption

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Americans keep gaining weight, and cars are losing it. It’s a seesaw battle that’s making it difficult to realize the gains expected by a big push for lighter, more fuel-efficient cars. Federa...



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