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How Much Will Put You Over The Limit?

HOW MUCH WILL PUT YOU Over the Limit? NUMBER OF STANDARD DRINKS BEER RED WINE 1.1 1.4 1.6 1 1 1.5 7.7 100 ml 285 ml glass (Middy) 375 ml 425 ml glass 150 ml 750 ml bottle (Schooner) standard bottle average restaurant serve serving WHITE WINE SPIRITS* 0.9 1.4 6.8 1 22 100 ml 150 ml 750 ml 30 ml nip 700 ml bottle standard average bottle serve restaurant serving #The above are estimates based on averages *High Strength 40% Vol PEOPLE ARE DIFFERENT There are several different factors which can influence your blood alcohol levels. These include: Size & Food Gender General Liver Weight Consumption Health Function WHAT IS THE LIMIT IN AUSTRALIA? Australia has strict laws about drinking alcohol and driving. There's no absolute safe level of alcohol consumption for competent driving. Learners and With the legal limit set provisional <0.05 at <0.05 blood alcohol licence-holders must concentration (BAC). have a 0.0O BẠC. 0.00 0.02 0.04 0.05 0.06 0.08 0.10 0.12 0.02-0.05 BAC 0.05-0.08 BAC 0.08-0.12 BAC The ability to see or locate The ability to judge Euphoria sets in, moving lights correctly is diminished, as is the ability distances is reduced and overestimation of one's reactions are slower. At abilities leads to reckless driving, peripheral vision is impaired. Drivers are to judge distances. 0.08 BAC drivers are 5 TIMES more likely to have an accident than before up to 10 TIMES more they started drinking. likely to have an accident. IS THERE A GENERAL RULE OF THUMB TO KEEP BELO w 0.05? At one time it was thought that... Two "Standard Drinks" in the first hour will keep you below 0.05, and then one "Standard Drink" per hour thereafter will maintain that level. Because alcohol affects people in different ways, the general "rule of thumb'" is not an accurate guide to follow, and cannot be relied on as a defence to a drink driving charge. AXA cro DID YOU KNOW... 18- 90% 33% 90% 20% of drink drivers AXo of all drink driving of fatal accidents of fatal accidents in involved in fatal are aged between accidents occur in NSW include DD as accidents are male. 17 - 24. rural areas. a factor. SOURCES: PRIME -a-thing-as-safe-drink-driving ent/drinksguide-cnt IAWYERS www.PRIMELAWYERS.COM.AU

How Much Will Put You Over The Limit?

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