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How Much Do Physicians Make?

PHYSICIAN COMPENSATION HOW MUCH DO PHYSICIANS МАКЕ? ÁBOUT THE STUDY In January 2015, Doximity launched the Career Navigator - a free interactive map that shows US physician compensation trends at the county level. > 20,000 physicians have reported their salaries to Doximity 48 specialties Compensation data reported at the country, state, and county levels The largest survey of US physician salary data yet HOW TO INCREASE YOUR SALARY THE FINDINGS & MOVE OUTSIDE THE CITY Doctors in rural areas make about $1,500 more per year than those in cities MOVE TO A LESS POPULOUS STATE If an anesthesiologist moved from Massachusetts to Wisconsin, s/he would make 61% more money "Healthcare is incredibly local. And pay trends in medicine are inverse that of most industries - high cost areas actually pay less." Jeff Tangney, CE0 and founder of Doximity States like South Dakota, Nebraska, and Kansas have higher physician salaries on average Tros Rr Montreal Ortawa United States Auerque Sana Bartara Orteans *Ovhuahu doximity Merico NEW DOCTOR IN TOWN? YOUR SALARY WILL GO DOWN. When a specialist relocates to a town of less than 100,000 people, local specialists will see a $1,500 drop in their annual salaries. MOVE TO AN AREA WITH HIGHER OBESITY RATES WORK IN PRIVATE PRACTICE 12% salary advantage of internists working in private practice over those in academic or government jobs. HIGHEST PLACES AND LOWEST-PAYING FOR ER DOCS ТОР 3 STATES 1. Техas ВОTTOM 3 2. Florida STATES 3. Minnesota 1. Massachusetts 2. New York 3. California SPECIALTIES IN HIGH DEMAND These specialties had the most job listings across the country, indicating a nation-wide shortage. • Emergency medicine • Family medicine • Occupational medicine • Psychiatry ТОР З HIGHEST PAID SPECIALTIES $609,639 Neurosurgery $535,668 $471,137 Orthopaedic Surgery Thoracic Surgery 2 3 WANT TO LEARN MORE? Visit Sources: cians-navigate-their-careers-with-first-ever-local-compensation-map Images and icons are from: and Brought to you by: eVisit TM evisit is telehealth software that enables providers to increase patient flow and revenue, while providing convenience to their patients with online treatment. %24

How Much Do Physicians Make?

shared by tiafolla on Jul 10
Physician compensation is often in flux and far from transparent. Physician salaries vary widely from state to state and even county to county. Which leads many doctors in the field to wonder – how ...



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