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How Much Alcohol Am I Drinking?

ARE YOU DRINKING MORE ALCOHOL THAN YOU THINK? How Much Can I Drink? To maintain a safe and healthy drinking level, the Mayo Clinic recommends no more than the following drinks for men and women: 2 Standard Drinks per day 1 Standard Drink per day What is a Standard Drink? One alcoholic beverage rarely equals just 1 Standard Drink. In fact, some beverages are the equivalent of several Standard Drinks. To calculate the actual amount of alcohol in each drink, use this formula: For Example, One 12oz Bottle or Can of Beer, # of fluid oz. % of alcohol 12 12 oz. X 5% (0.05) 5% ABU Standard Drink 0.6 Ounces of alcohol in I Standard Drink How Many Standard Drinks Are in my Cocktail ? Martini 2 Adios Gluss of Table Wino 120z, 1.5 Gless of _Merrgarita Long Ialand leed Tea Shot of Distilled Spirits HOW MANY STANDARD DRINKS ARE IN MY BOTTLE? LIQUOR STORE 1 Table Wine (750ml) A Malt Liquor (40 oz) E 6 SD *t 6-Pack of Beer (12oz Cans) 6 SD ABV Fortified Wine (750 ml) 8sD Disfilled Spirtts (750 ml) 17so What Does One Standard Drink Look Like? 12 oz Beer 8 oz Malt Liguor 5 oz Table Wine 3.5 oz Fortified Wine 1.5 oz Distilled Spirits Distilled Spirits Fortified Wine Malt Liquor * Strong lager * Ale Brandy * Gin Tequlla Vodka * Whiskey * Port * Sherry * Maderia * Marsala * Vermouth How Much of a Problem is Excessive Drinking? Every year in the state of California, Over 1,000 people die because of alcohol related car accidents; 180 of them are under 14 yrs. old. Over 30,000 people are injured because of alcohol T related car accidents. Many are only passengers. Over 200,000 people are arrested for DUI; 90% of the suspensions are exceeded .08 BAL. Statistics: DUFFY'S NAPA VALLEY REHAB FIND HOPE AND HELP TODAY wwW.DUFFYSREHAB.COM anɔ Kid ZO 91

How Much Alcohol Am I Drinking?

shared by DuffysRehab on Jul 26
How much alcohol is too much? How much alcohol content is in a standard drink? How many standard drinks can you have each day? Do you know how much alcohol you are drinking?


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