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How Movember is made

HOW MOVEMBER IS MADE Every year millions of men and women grow or support moustaches for Movember, an event that transforms the month of November into a global fundraising effort for men's health issues, like prostate cancer, testicular cancer, and mental health. THE MISSION IS SIMPLE: CHANGE THE FACE OF MEN'S HEALTH. But what's behind the Mo's? Let's find out. YOUR MOUSTACHE STARTING WITH the growth of your Movember moustache coincides with A CLEAN SLATE, fundraising for causes like PROSTATE TESTICULAR AND MENTAL CANCER CANCER HEALTH STYLES INCLUDED THE: TOM SELLECK 1800s BARTENDER CURLED-'STACHE HANDLEBAR FUN FACT On average facial hair grows at a That's plenty of time to get a respectable moustache. RATE OF .5 1 IN INCHES A MONTH. For every 7,200 GUYS that grow a moustache, you've got the collective HAIR LENGTH OF A FOOTBALL FIELD MOVEMBER.COM NOW, IT'S THE GLOBAL HUB OF ALL THINGS MOVEMBER. When Movember started in Australia in 2003, they didn't even have a website. IT'S GROWN FROM PEOPLE IN AUSTRALIA 30 TO MILLIONS. MO BROS & MO SISTAS Since 2003, there have been 4,027,688 MO BROS AND MO SISTAS. 50-year-old Sandy Goodman has been the top Mo Bro for 6 years. He's a private citizen who is fueled by his own family's experience with cancer. Fundraising toolkits in your Mo Space let users easily ask for donations via Twitter, Facebook and email. DID YOU KNOW $559,000,000 HAS BEEN RAISED SO FAR. MO TEAMS YOU DON'T TEAMS HAVE TO MO RANGE FROM IT ALONE. 2-200. Teams are made up of family members, friends, co-workers and classmates. With Mo Teams, you can be part of a broader and private community. Participants who are on Movember teams RAISE MORE FUNDS than others who are doing it on their own. FUN FACT There are leaderboard prizes for 2 TEAM CATEGORIES: 10 members and under, and 11 or more members. MO HQ .MOVEMBER'S HEADQUARTERS. Located in LOs Angeles, California in a FORMER DANCE STUDIO. Much of the old studio is used for the Mo offices, including the dance floor. DONATED BIKES encourage staff and friends to exercise on the way to lunch, emphasizing a local culture of men's health. HQ also houses MOVEMBER & CO., a barbershop born from a collaboration with Blind Barber. Funds from the shop go toward the Movember Foundation. A HAIRCUT AT MO HQ COSTS $40, A SHAVE COSTS $30. All profits go to the FUN FACT Movember Foundation. MO EVENTS S1O SI00 GALA PARTÉS Partes are You can host your own MO PARTY, crowning Exercise-driven MOVE events like Running of the Mo's races, encourage people to be active during the month of Movember. end-of-month costume your own regional Men of Movember and Miss Movember of 2014. parties where Mo Bros and Mo Sistas celebrate. RAISING $100 gets you a ticket. This year, the MOVEMBER ATHLETICS CLUB will be running in the TCS New York City Marathon. Anyone who's registered can join the club's group. FUN FACT The worlds longest moustache was recorded at 133 INCHES. THAT'S MORE THAN =10 250 MO BROS put together at the end of Movember. THE MOVEMBER FOUNDATION BOARD FOUNDATIO The Movember Foundation Board governs, and it's in place to maintain TRANSPARENCY, QUALITY, ACCOUNTABILITY, and cost-to-fundraising ratios. OVER 820 men's health programs have been funded to-date. MEN'S HE O THE FACE FUN FACT Globally, the Foundation is the STUDIES SHOW THAT MOUSTACHES HELP BIGGEST NON-GOVERNMENTAL INVESTOR in men's health programs on Earth. FIGHT SKIN CANCER ON YOUR UPPER LIP. THE HAIRY FACTS Testicular cancer is the most common type found in males 15-35. 22% 1 IN 7 men are diagnosed with prostate cancer. 1 IN 36 MEN will die from prostate cancer, (about 29,480 men) accounting for about 22% of all male deaths from cancer. THE MOVEMBER FOUNDATION IS WORKING TO CHANGE THESE STATISTICS. JOIN THEM TO CHANGE THE FACE OF MEN'S HEALTH SIGN UP NOW ON MOVEMBER.COM VENTITO POWERED BY WD EC ENC ENC MOVEMBER

How Movember is made

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Combining technology, creativity, community and passion, the Mo Bros and Mo Sistas at Movember aren't only changing the face of men's health — they're redefining charity for the 21st century. Throu...


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