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How Messy is your Workspace?

How MESSY WATER BURGER Is YOUR Workspace? Our workspaces are a reflection of us! Is your desk a picture of order and calm, or is it a little bit more chaotic? Get the facts on how messy and uncleandesks can affect both your productivity and health... 40% of office workers suffer from "Irritable Desk Syndrome Which is caused by And can lead to a too much distinct clutter drop on desks in productivity keep it tidy! Regularly through away anything you definitely don't need, and box anything that you might. Also, try not to simply organize things in neat piles! (They'll still be there in six months and twice as big!) But is your desk clean? The average office desk has 00 00 00 00 more bacteria than the average office-washroom toilet seat... and although Womens' desks tend to be tidier, WOMEN have 3-4 times the number of bacteria in, on and around their desks and belongings as men do... THE CULPRITS: Phones, purses, make-up cases, desk-drawers. But the worst germ offender in the office overall is MEN's wallets (usually kept nice and warm in back pockets) closely followed by cell phones,. Eating lunch at your desk also increases the chances of nasty bacteria growing & collecting round your workspace, yet 47% of us still do it... and a quarter of us only wash our hands Occasionally before eating! (...but that tends to be men.) top tips! The proper way to keep a desk clean and germ-free is by using disinfectant wipes. Just using a wet paper towel simply spreads the germs around and using soap and water can leave bacteria behind. Avoid spraying disinfectant directly on phones or keyboards, Using hand sanitizer can also keep germs down. Key areas like desktops, phones and keyboards should be disinfected once in a while. Using disinfectant wipes regularly on your work surface can reduce the number of bacteria present by 25% Sources: desk-say-about-you wipes .com ssf/2013/02/eating_lunch_at_your_desk_can_ex- pose_you.html

How Messy is your Workspace?

shared by welovewipes on Jul 22
A messy desk certainly says a lot about a person but sometimes you just can’t help it when you’re sitting there on an average 40 hours a week. To some people, a messy desk looks harmless, just a ...


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