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How Medical Advancements Changed Career Trends

Medical Career Trends Veterinary Assistant Toxicologist Veterinarian Medical Advancements Sanitarian Surgeon Specialist Technologist Physician Pathologist Surgical Medical Assistant Speech Medical Assisting is one of the top 5 fastest growing medical careers at 30% 460 B.C. Hippocrates, regarded by many as the father of Western medicine, is born. He is the author of Hippocratic Oath, which Radiologist Shiatsu Social Worker Sonographer Therapist promises to practice medicine ethically. That oath is still followed today. O Respiratory Therapist Radiologic Technologist Recreation Rehabilitation Radiation Research Scientist Therapist Teacher Therapy Technologist Primitive medicine men performed brain surgery by using stone instruments to bore holes in A Persian physician suggests that blood is a cause of infectious disease. O 910 A.D. Practitioners Prosthetist Psychiatrist Psychologist of Natural Healing Hospitals and medical schools start popping up across Western Europe. O 1200 people's skulls - without anesthesia. Ouch! Plastic Surgeon Podiatrist Practical Nurse Radiation Therapist 1667 Oxford physician Robert Lower performs the first blood transfusion in a human, Physical Physiotherapist Physician's Pharmacist Therapy Assistant Pharmacy Phlebotomist Aide Assistant Daniel Fahrenheit, a German 1709 physicist, invents the first practical thermometers. O Medical Billing and Coding was voted 2012's least stressful job. Medical Laboratory Technician was the fifth least stressful. The first medical school in Physical Technician Therapist 1765 Perfusionist Pharmacy the U.S. opens at the University of Pennsylvania. O UNIVERSITY Pathologist Patient Care Pediatrician Technician 2006 Osteopathic Paramedic Physician US national health spending was just under $2 trillion Ophthalmic Technician Orthotist The inoculation process is invented to fight smallpox. 1796 60 1864 Louis Pasteur discovered Optometrist Oral Surgeon germs. He later originated the idea of using weak Ophthalmologist Optician •. strands of diseases and viruses as vaccines. O Operating Room Technician Orthopedic Technologist Occupational Obstetrician Nurse's Aide Therapist Nurse Practitioner German physicist Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen discovers X-rays. 1895 2003 South African surgeon For the first time 1967 Nuclear Medicine Registered Technologist Nurse ever, the number of women enrolling in medical school outnumbered performs the first human heart transplant. O Nurse Anesthetist Scientists clone sheep. O 1997 men. Microbiologist Midwife Morgue Attendant Medical Radiation Technologist Medical Office Medical Records Specialist Medical Technologist Transcriptionist 2003 The Human Genome Project Medical Administrator was completed, identifying all the 20,000 - 25,000 The ancient genes in human DNA. O Egyptians had specialists for different parts of Immunologist Ultrasound the body they believed were controlled by various Gods. @ 2007 Scientists use human skin Licensed Practical Nurse Therapist Massage Technologist cells to create embryonic stem cells. What the future holds ... Hospital Administrator Health Aide Health Services Kinesiologist Manager Home Cancer vaccines. More than 250 clinical trials are already underway! O Histologist Health Science Librarian Histologic Health Information Specialist: Healthcare Administrator Technician Contact lenses that control the blood sugar levels in diabetics. O What's the difference between Brain repair. For those who suffer from Alzheimer's or other surgeons and other doctors? Here's one ... Geriatrician Gynecologist Health Educator Health neurological diseases, microchips or fiber optic wires may help bridge damaged areas of the brain. Inspector Surgeons are taller and better looking! Medical research Sources: 1 7 2 3 4 6 6 proves and refutes a lot. Now we know eating turkey doesn't actually make people especially drowsy. Genetic Counselor 8 9 10 11 12 Environmental Health Specialist Forensic Scientist General Practicioner & Family Physician 60 Diagnostic Electroneurodiagnostic Embryologist Encapsulation Endocrinologist Medical Emergency Electrocardiograph Epidemiologist Medical Technologist Operator Technician Sonographer Technologist Dental Assistant Dental Laboratory Dermatologist Clinical/Preclinical Technician Dentist Dental Hygienist Dialysis Technician Denturist Dietitian Researcher In the 19th Century, mothers gave their children "soothing syrups" for bad behavior. These syrups contained various combinations of morphine, heroin and powdered opium. Cardiologist Cytotechnologist Clinical Laboratory Clinical Nurse Technician Specialist Clinical Technologist Number of nurses 1900 - 10,833 415,439 2000 - 3,534,799 1950 The medical field has come a long way!@ Central Supply Aide Chief Nursing Chiropractor Officer Clinical Perfusionist The first degrees in medicine were awarded in the 1st century. Addiction Anatomical Allopathic Biological Counsellor Pathologist Biomedical Biomedical Counselor Cardiovascular Engineer Technologist Physician Technologist Equipment Technician Audiologist Acupuncturist Anesthetist Athletic Trainer Bioanalyst Biochemist Biologist Approximate Approximate SALARY OCCUPATION EMPLOYEES $39,020 |||| |I||| 80,000 Biological Technicians $28,860 III|||||||| 484,000 Medical Assistants $56,130 ||||| III||||| 172,000 Medical & Clinical Laboratory Technologists $32,350 |I||||||| 173,000 Medical Records and Health Information Technicians $77,890 |||| |I|| 259,000 Administrative Services Managers $47,460 I|| 1,457,000 First-Line Supervisors of Office and Administrative Support Workers $43,520 1I|I 1,594,000 Executive Secretaries and Executive Administrative Assistants $40,380 754,000 Licensed Practical and Licensed Vocational Nurses $64,690 |||||||| 2,619,000 Registered Nurses Some of the programs for these careers are offered at Medtech. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the healthcare field will generate 3.2 million new wage and salary jobs between 2008 and 2018. ) 15) 3 16 19 22 14 17 20 Sources: (18) For more information, visit medtech

How Medical Advancements Changed Career Trends

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This infographic shares medical advancements throughout history, how those advancements affected the current healthcare job market and what to expect in the future of healthcare.


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