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How Long Will You Live?

AssistedLivingToday INFORMATION YOU CAN TRUST HOW LONG LIVE? WILL YOU Living longer is something we all desire. And with health technology constantly improving, the fantasy of living longer lives is quickly becoming a reality. Check out the graphic below that illustrates our life expectancy and how technology will help us live longer than ever before. GLOBAL LIFE EXPECTANCY HAS INCREASED SUBSTANTIALLY IN THE PAST 40 YEARS FOR MEN AND WOMEN Life expectancy for men has Life expectancy for women has INCREASED 11 YEARS SINCE 1970 INCREASED 12 YEARS SINCE 1970 80 80 73.3 75 75 67.5 69.8 68.1 70 64.2 64.9 70 65 62.8 61.2 65 59.8 60 56.4 52.9 60 55 47.7 50.2 50.9 55 48.7 50 45.5 45.9 46.8 50 44.4 43.1 45 45 40 35 27.8 28.7 30.3 35 30 24.0 24.8 26.1 25.4 26.7 30 22.1 23.1 25 25 20 20 15 7.2 7.5 7.9 8.5 15 6.0 6.3 6.8 6.6 7.0 10 5.8 10 1970 1980 1990 2000 2010 1970 1980 1990 2000 2010 O YEARS OF AGE AT 50 YEARS OF AGE LIFE EXPECTANCY AT: AT 25 YEARS OF AGE AT 80 YEARS OF AGE COLORED NUMBERS = LIFE EXPECTANCY THIS INCREASE HAS BEEN DRIVEN BY LARGE DECLINES IN CHILD MORTALITY ADULT FEMALE MORTALITY ADULT MALE MORTALITY 60% 40% 30% GLOBAL POPULATION IN 1970: 3.7 BILLION GLOBAL POPULATION TODAY: DECLINED MORTALITY= LARGER POPULATION 6.9 BILLION %3D WHAT'S CAUSING US TO LIVE LONGER LIVES? INCREASED FOOD SUPPLY MALNUTRITION USED TO BE THE MAIN HEALTH 40-50% OF ALL FOOD READY FOR HARVEST NEVER GETS EATEN. WE'VE NEVER HAD SO MUCH FOOD. THREAT FOR CHILDREN. NOW, THEY ARE MORE LIKELY TO OVEREAT THAN TO STARVE. MODERN MEDICINE & TECHNOLOGY 65% OF THE COUNTRY TAKES A PRESCRIPTION DRUG. 48 MILLION LIFE SAVING OR LIFE ENHANCING SURGERIES WERE PERFORMED 2009. INCREASED USE OF VACCINES IMMUNIZATION SAVES APPROXIMATELY 9 MILLION LIVES EVERY YEAR. IMMUNIZATION HAS ERADICATED SMALLPOX & BROUGHT 7 OTHER LIFE THREATENING DISEASES UNDER CONTROL. HEALTHIER LIFESTYLES THOSE WHO EAT HEALTHY, WORKOUT REGULARLY, LIMIT ALCOHOL, AND DON'T SMOKE ARE 63% LESS LIKELY TO DIE EARLY. SMOKING AMONGST YOUNG ADULTS HAS DECREASED 9% IN THE LAST DECADE. TECHNOLOGIES THAT WILL ALLOW US TO LIVE BEYOND OUR YEARS NANOBOTS By early 2030s or before, researchers will construct completely artificial devices: Nanorobots capable of protecting every cell in the body from disease and injury. PRINTING ORGANS Researchers recently discov- ered how skin cells can be transformed into embryonic stem cells, which will enable doctors to repair worn and damaged organs; and when necessary, regrow new ones. Н GENETIC ENGINEERING Scientists have discovered that aging is a complicated process involving multiple genes and their interactions. Researchers believe that our life span and the aging process can be genetically manipulated and slowed down (if not completely stopped one day), making us live longer, healthier lives. HOW LONG WILL WE LIVE IN THE FUTURE? ACCORDING TO DR. AUBREY DE GREY... THE FIRST PERSON TO REACH THE FIRST PERSON TO REACH 150 YEARS OF AGE 1,000 YEARS OF AGE WILL BE BORN IN THE NEXT 2 DECADES HAS ALREADY BEEN BORN SOURCES: AssistedLiving Today INFORMATION YOU CAN TRUST YEARS

How Long Will You Live?

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Global life expectancy has increased substantially in the past 40 years for men and women.


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