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How Life Gets Better as we Age

HOW LIFE GETS BETTER AS WE AGE Expectations vs. Reality on Getting Older When it comes to aging, expect ations can be worse than realit y. Below are problems yo unger people expect to experience when they turn 6 5, compared to the reality of what really happens. Not feeling needed < 64 265 29% Serious illness Trouble paying bills 42% 24% 21% 16% Memory Loss Not able to drive 57% 45% 25% 14% Young at Heart The percentage of people who say, relative to their current age, the y feel: 61% 65 to 74-year-olds feel younger Older and Thriving Research fo und individ uals 65 and older report a better qu ality of life than younger adults. Below are the percentages of people who said they are “thriving" Social Purpose 18 to 29 year olds 38% 36% 25% 26% 30 to 44 ye ar olds 45 to 64 year olds 39% 28% 48% 65-year-olds and older 43% Have supportive relationships and love in their life Like what they do each day and are motivated to achieve their goals Financial Community Physical 18% 27% 25% 25% 24% 24% 27% 28% 27% 62% 40% 46% Are managing their economic lives to reduce stress and increase security Like where they live, feel safe and have pride in their community Having good health and enough energy to get things done daily passare Simplifying End of Life Management twitter @ Passarelnc Facebook Tumblr

How Life Gets Better as we Age

shared by tonyamurphy.mac on Feb 12
Many assume as we age life becomes less satisfying, but a growing body of research shows in many ways life gets better. Is it possible that everything we’ve been led to think about aging is wrong? T...




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