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How LASIK Has Evolved Over Time

HOW LASIK HAS EVOLVED OVER TIME LASIK IS ONE OF THE FASTEST DEVELOPING TECHNIQUES IN THE WORLD. 1950 Colombian ophthalmologist lays the groundwork for LASIK by developing microkeratome and keratomileusis techniques to alter the shape of the cornea. 1980 Researchers discover that an excimer laser can etch living tissue precisely and without damage to the surrounding area. They work with surgeons to introduce this technology to eye surgery. 1988 The first laser procedure is performed on a live human eye using photorefractive keratectomy (PRK). PRK is the first kind of corrective eye surgery to use a laser rather than a blade to remove corneal tissue, 1989 The basic concept of LASIK is established by combining the excimer laser with microkeratome. The corneal cap no longer needs to be completely removed from the cornea, making it easier to reposition. 1991 The first LASIK procedure is performed in the U.S. FDA 1995 APPROVED The FDA approves the Kremer Excimer Laser which greatly increases the safety, efficacy, and predictability of LASIK. This laser is equipped with eye tracking in case of eye movement during the procedure and adjusts the laser beam 2001 accordingly. The FDA approves the IntraLase laser, the first femtosecond laser for bladeless LASIK in the United States. The femtosecond laser allows for greater accuracy and precision, creates thinner flaps, and reduces the effects of dry eyes. 2003 The FDA approves the use of the Wavefront LASIK or Custom LASIK which yields safer, improved results by allowing the surgeon to build a 3D map of how the eye processes images. This allows for precise re-shaping of the cornea based on the specific degree of refractive error which results in reduced glare, halos and night vision issues. 2010 LASIK is the single most common elective operation in the world. 95% million of patients report being satisfied with their LASIK procedures have been vision at three months following LASIK. This performed worldwide as of is the highest patient satisfaction rate of any 2010. procedure done on an elective basis today. EYECARE 20/20 46 Eagle Rock Avenue East Hanover, New Jersey 07936 In Office Lasik with Allegretto Wave Laser Ph: (973) 664-7794

How LASIK Has Evolved Over Time

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LASIK eye surgery has come a long way over the years and is now a safe procedure with low risks. LASIK can help with nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism and can eliminate the need for gla...


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