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How to Know if You're an Alcoholic

HOW TO KNOW IF YOU ARE AN ALCOHOLIC According to the CDC, excessive alcohol use contributes to nearly 90,000 deaths in the U.S. each year Excessive drinking is responsible for 1 IN 10 DEATHS among adults aged 20-64 Drinking too much alcohol can have many adverse effects on your health, but how much is too much? Defining drinking levels According to the Dietary Guidelines for Americans, moderate drinking is per day per day According to the Dietary Guidelines for Americans, heavy drinking is OR MORE OR MORE per week per week THE MOST COMMON TYPE OF ALCOHOL ABUSE A pattern of drinking that brings blood alcohol concentration (BAC) to 0.08 or higher TYPICALLY... in a 2 hour period in a 2 hour period MEN BINGE DRINK TWICE AS OFTEN AS WOMEN More than half of all alcohol consumed by adults in the U.S. is consumed during binge drinking 1 IN 6 U.S. ADULTS BINGE DRINKS 4 TIMES A MONTH While binge drinking is very common in the U.S., the majority of people who binge drink are not alcoholics Alcohol abuse and alcoholism are DIFFERENT. ABUSE ALCOHOL A recurring pattern of high-risk drinking Damage to health and body Problems at work, Exposure to hazardous situations (such as drinking & driving) Violence or crime school or home NACOHOLISH A chronic disease involving a dependence on alcohol Х х Compulsion to drink Insatiable craving for alcohol Continued use despite health, relationship and psychological problems Inability to stop drinking HOW DO YOU KNOW IF YOU HAVE AN ALCOHOL USE DISORDER? Have you... NO. Ever ended up Tried to cut down or Уa drinking more or longer than you stop drinking and NO couldn't? intended? NO Avoided friends or yes Spent a lot of time drinking? yes family while you are drinking? yes - -> - NO - NO Fantasized about Had a drink yes drinking as soon as you get home from first thing in the morning? work? NO - NO - Felt Stopped engaging in activities you used Had memory guilty about your drinking habits? problems associated with drinking? to enjoy in order to drink? · NO NO - NO yeл Said or done Felt more anxious something you or depressed after drinking? 1- - - - yes regret because of alcohol? NO If you said "YES" to any of these, you might have an alcohol use disorder. Alcohol abuse and alcoholism can have many health risks, from... heart disease liver failure depression anixety HOWEVER, IT'S NEVER TOO LATE TO GET HELP! If you suspect you or someone you know is suffering from an alcohol abuse disorder, visit your local rehab facility to get sober again. /How-much-is-too-much/Whats-the-harm/What-Are-Symptoms-Of-An-Alcohol-Use-Disorder.aspx MIRAMAR GETTING WELL STAYIN G WELL MODERATE HEAVY BINGE O+ Ot \• :(

How to Know if You're an Alcoholic

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Unfortunately, it can be easier to recognize the warning signs in others than in yourself. If you’ve ever questioned your alcohol habits, learn more about the possible health and lifestyle changes l...


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