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How to Increase Safety at Work

HOW TO INCREASE SAFETY AT WORK Reducing the risk of injuries in the workplace is essential for all businesses. Removing trip hazards is something easy to do in all working environments, but what could your workplace do depending on where you work? The Office Use ergonomic chairs and adjust chairs, desks and monitors to meet ergonomic guidelines. As well as improving health, this also boosts an employee's happiness; productivity and efficiency both rise as a result. 3 40-70cm Brightness of the monitor should be adjusted to suit the lighting conditions in the room Your line of vision should be between 40-70cm away from 15-30 degrees down to your monitors Your head should be between your monitors : 15-30° 40-70cm 180 180 If feet do not rest comfortably on the floor at the correct Forearms should be Backrest should horizontal and wrists should be straight when using well back into the your keyboard. Adjust the seat height accordingly fully support the back whilst sitting height, use a footrest chair Warehouse 1 2. ENSURE CORRECT USE OF LABELLING LIFTING– All staff should receive training on manual handling techniques as musculoskeletal disorders can be caused, along with other injuries, simply by lifting something with poor form. 3 STORAGE Designate separate areas for pallets, containers and trash - limit how high each item can be stacked. LIGHTING Ensure all areas of the warehouse are well lit. GLOVES SHOES Use steel-toed Safety gloves can be of great use, even if just picking and packing goods when in a warehouse. shoes to protect your feet should you drop anything onto your feet or stub your toes into things - there will be many trip hazards every day when walking around a warehouse. The constant knocks and scrapes can mount up to bruises and deep cuts over time. 6. Outdoors Ensure adequate PERSONAL PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT (PPE) is supplied and worn at all times. 3 Encourage the drinking of warm Educate workers about recognising early symptoms of FLUIDS when working in cold environments, and cold drinks during hot days. HEAT/COLD STRESS Use SUNSCREEN of at least SPF15 on any skin exposed to the sun. AND FINALLY Encourage frequent 5 REST BREAKS HALL-FASTI INDUSTRIAL SUPPLIESA Whatever your industry needs worldwide SOURCES

How to Increase Safety at Work

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Reducing the risk of injuries in the workplace is essential for all businesses. Removing trip hazards is something that can be done in any working environment, but what can you do in your workplace d...




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