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How To Get A Six-Pack

FIGHTSHOP HOW TO GET A SX PACK There's a lot of myths around about the best way to get ripped, but here at that's all we know. Find out the REAL way to a six-pack below: THE SCIENCE BEHIND EXERCISE When you exercise, your muscles act something like electric motors. Your muscles take in a source of energy (a biochemical called triphosphate) and they use it to generate force. The production of this chemical requires a constant flow of oxygenated blood. This is why the heart beats faster and you breathe more deeply during exercise. CHз Exercise increases the rate at which the body burns calories. This, in combination with the correct diet, will lead to greater definition and the ability to build a six-pack. СHз Н High intensity interval exercises increase testosterone and produce growth homone, which both help the development of well defined muscle. Exercise is a stimulus to muscle hypertrophy, the process by which muscles enlarge. Strength exercise in particular leads to this process, causing muscles to grow. This type of growth requires regular, sustained training Exercise is useless without the right type of diet. High protein is needed for muscle growth and repair A COMBINATION OF REDUCED BODY FAT AND ENLARGED ABDOMINAL MUSCLES WILL CREATE A SIX-PACK A lack of sleep increases cortisol levels, a hormone associated with stress and the retention of body fat, so get a good night's sleep! BODY FAT FACTS AND FIGURES zN A typical adult has 50 billion fat cells Most people gain an average of 1 GRAM of body fat per day For women, it is essential that they have at least 10 - 12% body fat. For men, it is essential that they have at least 2 - 4% body fat. THE DEVELOPMENT OF A SIX-PACK IS PRIMARILY A MATTER OF BODY FAT REDUCTION. IN MOST CASES, A BODY FAT % OF LESS THAN 10% IS NEEDED FOR MEN AND 14% FOR WOMEN IN TO ORDER DEVELOP A SIX-PACK! MYTHS ABOUT BODY FAT Suppressing hunger is a good way of burning fat In fact, eating regularly (every three hours) is the best way to keep your body burning calories. 6 small meals a day should replace 3 larger meals. MYTH Low carb diets are necessary to burn fat Actually such a diet will only suppress hunger and reduce water retention. MYTH Crunches are the best way to burn stomach fat In isolation, crunches are an ineffective way of achieving a six-pack. ΜΥΤΗ 3 MYTH 4 Cardiovascular exercise is the only way to burn fat Actually, well targeted weights can achieve better results. MYTH 5 You need a gym to lose body fat Not at all. Sprinting, skipping and many other fat-burning exercises can be performed almost anywhere! YOUR DIET As we've said above, diet is one of the most important aspects of getting a six-pack. No matter how much you exercise, you need to know what to eat. Here are the most six-pack friendly, and unfriendly, foods: Foods that are good for six-pack development include: PROTEIN SHAKES PLAIN MEATS OILY FISH LOW FAT CHEESE NUTS & SEEDS BROWN BREAD EGGS YOGHURT BROWN RICE GRAPE -FRUIT BEANS & LENTILS BROCCOLI SPINACH CABBAGE ORANGES LIMES Foods that should be avoided include: WHITE PASTA FRIED PROCESSED FOOD WHITE CRISPS SWEETS JAM CHOCOLATE FOOD RICE Fat has 15 calories per gram, Eat at least 150g of protein Merely taking fish oil the highest of any food. Consuming fat prevents per day. The body uses three times the energy to digest supplements every day can significantly increase lean muscle mass and help to the achievement of a protein as it does for carbs. well defined six-pack. reduce body fat as well. Eating three helpings of yoghurt Half a teaspoon of cayenne Green tea consumed anytime daily can help aid the reduction of body fat by more than 20% pepper after a meal will increase calorie burning! within two hours of a meal cuts down fat absorption by 33% Upright exercise is most effective for working the core. Lying down doesn't work the core as well. EXERCISES The following exercises can be utilised to develop the core: Longarm weighted crunch Seated ab crunch Medicine ball leg drops Weighted onesided crunch Kneeling cable crunch The following exercises can be used to sculpt abdominal muscles: Hanging leg raises The dragon flag Russian twists Cable wood chops WHAT NOT TO DO! DON'T TWIST! With situps, avoid: With your diet, avoid: Repeated crunches and situps as these exercises can damage spinal discs. Depriving yourself of much needed nutrition after a workout. Drink a recovery smoothie made of fruit, eggs, skimmed milk and oats. Do not twist at the top. This does not increase the effectiveness of the exercise, but does increase the risk of spinal injury Avoid alcohol before or after you train. It acts as an alternate source of energy for your body and you waste effort breaking it down. Avoid sitting all the way up, as this puts a large amount strain on the lower back. SOURCES: FIGHTSHOP .COM

How To Get A Six-Pack

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Exercise increases the rate at which the body burns calories. In combination with the correct diet, it will lead to greater definition and the ability to build a six-pack. This infographic brought to...




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