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This is How Drugs Affect Your Baby During Pregnancy

THIS IS HOW DRUGS AFFECT YOUR BABY DURING PREGNANCY 20% 12% 6% of pregnant women use Illicit Drugs of pregnant women smoke of pregnant women drink Cigarettes Alcohol That means nearly 120,000 babies are affected by birth defects each Every 4.5 minutes, a baby is born with a birth defect in the United States. year. EFFECTS OF DRUGS ON THE FETUS INFECTION PASSED FROM MOTHER BLOOD POISONING FETAL GROWTH RESTRICTION LOW BIRTH WEIGHT BRAIN DAMAGE DECREASED IMMUNITY BIRTH DEFECTS (CLUBFOOT) HEART ABNORMALITIES EFFECTS OF DRUGS ON EARLY CHILDHOOD Impaired Speaking Disabities Slower Brain Growth Delays Hyperactive Disorder Development Learning Disabities Sleep Disturbances Heart Disease Mental Il-hess HOW TO GET HELP BEFORE TAKING MEDICINES? ASK QUESTIONS READ THE DRUG LABEL Always tak to your health care provider before you take any medication, herbs, or vitamins. Don't stop taking your medication until your doctor says that it is OK. Drug labels list the risks for women who are pregnant or breast feeding. The labels tell consumers how each medication might affect or have affected other pregnant women. SIGN UP FOR A PREGNANCY REPORT PROBLEMS EXPOSURE REGISTRY Contact the FDA to report any serious problems you have after taking a specific medication. Pregnancy Exposue Registries hep women and their doctors learn more about which medications are safe to take during pregnancy. THINGS TO REMEMBER Do not suddenly stop taking your medication; it may be riskier than continuing to use the medication while under a doctor's care. Living babies who have birth defects often need special care and interventions to survive. The best way to keep your baby safe from street drugs is to avoid them! SOURCES Recoveny Steps RECOVERY IS JUST A STEP AWAY!

This is How Drugs Affect Your Baby During Pregnancy

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Taking illegal drugs while pregnant is not safe for both fetus and pregnant mothers. Consumption of illegal drugs during pregnancy can result in different abnormalities on a fetus and early childhood ...


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