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How To Drink More Water (And 7 Scientific Reasons Why You Should)

HOW TO DRINK MORE WATER AND 7 SCIENTIFIC REASONS WHY YOU SHOULD Do you feel exhausted even though you're well rested? You might not be drinking enough water each day. When you drink plenty of water, you're happier and healthier - it's science. With a few simple changes you can stay hydrated all day, every day. WHY IS IT SO IMPORTANT TO DRINK WATER? Your body craves water. Not only does it use water to stay cool on hot days, studies show that nearly every tissue, organ and cell needs water to keep you healthy. Water lubricates your joints, Water helps your body reducing pain. 80% of make saliva. This aids cartilage, a major component digestion and keeps your of joints, is made of water.' mouth, eyes and nose moist.2 Water is a natural 90% of your Water helps maintain shock absorber. This bloodstream is water. your airways. protects your brain Dehydration can lead to Dehydration worsens and spinal cord.3 higher blood pressure. allergies and asthma.' Water helps you focus and Drinking water can calm you. remember. Your brain relies on Dehydration increases stress water to operate efficiently.4 hormones in your body.3 ARE YOU DRINKING ENOUGH WATER? Chances are you're not. It's recommended men drink about 16 glasses (3.7 liters) of water a day and that women drink about 11 glasses (2.7 liters) a day. You might not be drinking enough water if you have any of these signs You have a You become You visit the toilet headache dizzy3 infrequently", Your eyes You crave Your mouth You have dark circles are drylo salt" is dry7 under your eyes2 You're You feel hot all You get fatigued the time cramps10 HOW TO TRICK YOURSELF INTO DRINKING MORE WATER EVERY DAY If you're having trouble drinking enough water, use these hacks to stay hydrated. O 07:00am Drink a glass of O 08:00am water first thing in O 09:00am O 10:00am the morning'4 When you form a habit, Make it a goal to drink you're brain goes on AM a little bit of water 07:00 "autopilot", making it every hour'4 easier for your to complete a task.15 Use hourly alarms to create mental triggers. This will help you form a new habit. 3 Take a sip of water every time you do a repetitive task - like send an email When you receive a reward such as a sip of water for completing a task, you get pleasure from it, releasing dopamine. This helps to motivate you.15 4 Add flavor to 5 Eat water-rich fruits and your water'4 veggies as snacks18 Humans are Bored with your water? Change it by "hardwired" for eating more watermelon, cucumbers, food variety." This tomatoes and bell peppers, all of which are is because no single more than 90% water by weight. food provides you with all the nutrients you need. Infuse your water with cucumbers, berries or citrus to trick your brain. 7 Always keep a bottle of water with you'9 Buy a high-quality water bottle and take it with you Alternate drinking water and wherever you go. non-water drinks20 You're more likely to For every coffee, juice or glass of wine remember to drink you drink, follow it with a glass of water if it's always water. This will help you form a new top of mind. habit, while also limiting the amount of non-water you consume. 8. Use an app to track how much water you drink21 Free apps like Daily Water Tracker and Aquaalert make it easy to know how much water you need to drink to hit your personal goal. Drinking more water will change your life for the better. Start using these tricks to stay hydrated. SOURCES 'Mclntosh, J. (2018). Fifteen benefits of drinking water. 2 Mayo Clinic. Functions of water in the body. 3 The USGS Water Science School. The water in you. 4 Gowin, J. (2010) Why Your Brain Needs Water. Shaw, G. Water and Stress Reduction: Sipping Stress Away. Mayo Clinic. Water: How much should you drink every day? 7 Mayo Clinic. What is dehydration? What causes it? * Mayo Clinic. Dehydration. 9 WebMD. (2018) Are You Dehydrated? 10 Quinn, C. (2016) How to Tell if You're Not Drinking Enough Water. Billings-Smith, L. (2017) Why Do I Crave Salt & Crushed Ice? 12 Anthony, K. (2018) What Causes Dark Circles Under Your Eyes? 13 Mayo Clinic. Dehydration. 14 Allan, P. (2O15) How to Trick Yourself into Drinking More Water Every Day. 15 Vozza, S. (2016) The Science Behind Why Breaking a Bad Habit is so Hard. 16 Klosowski, T. (2014) The Psychology of Gamification: Can Apps Keep You Motivated? 17 Heid, M (2015). You Asked: Is It Bad to Eat the Same Thing Every Day? 18 McMillian, A. (2017) 15 Foods That Help You Stay Hydrated. 19 Zamon, R. (2015) 12 Ways to Drink More Water. 20 Hello Glow (2015) Hydration Hacks: 11 Easy Ways to Drink More Water. 2' Benjamin Harkin et al. 2015. Does Monitoring Goal Progress Promote Goal Attainment? A Meta-Analysis of the Experimental Evidence. Psychological Bulletin POUNDPLACE Start Saving Today This image is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International License - BY SA

How To Drink More Water (And 7 Scientific Reasons Why You Should)

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How many glasses of water did you drink today? If it’s less than 16 (for a man) or 11 (for a woman), you haven’t had enough! Your body is a fabulous machine, but it requires around three litres or...


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