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How do you Diagnose Diabetes?

How Do You Diagnose Diabetes? ANCIENT vs Modern What is Diabetes? In one sentence it is people with high levels of glucose in their blood (FPG = above 126mg/dl and OGTT = above 200mg/dl). %3D 1910 1970 1979 2007 English physiologist Sir Edward Albert The Ames Company produce the first glucose meter The national tes Fish oil is found to data group develops a new diabetes classification system reduce the risk of Sharpey-Schafer's discovery of the importance of insulin type 1 diabetes by 55% Find more at Going way way back it was taken more from recognisable signs so diagnosis did not really exist; Tests and data help highlight problems early; | | | | | | | | Blood tests are used as early signs may not be seen 1. There were no such things as 1. blood tests! | | | | | Samples get drawn from the body 2. | The only samples available were urine and large amounts of it passed through the body. 2. | | | | | Nothing got sent away .... testing consisted of seeing if the urine was sweet! Samples get sent away for analysis 3. 3. | | | | | | 4. There were no conclusive 4. Results get returned results, just thoughts and opinions. | | | | | | | | | | 5. No treatment was available, 5. All tests are confirmed with leading to eventual death! a second test | TEST | | | Undergo appropriate treatment and manage diabetic condition Some symptoms included: Some symptoms may include: | Sweet "honey-like" urine - ants loved it! | zZ | | | Fatigue | Blurred vision | Boils on the skin Increased hunger Sores that will not heal Lots of passing of Urine Connections where also made to the I wealthy being more prone to get it. It was also called "diarrhoea of the kidneys" as it was all thought to be linked to the kidneys. Credit: introduction/history-to-1900 Credit: pubs/diagnosis/ Bio Supply UK 2]

How do you Diagnose Diabetes?

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The infographic found at outlines how diagnosing diabetes has changed over the last one hundred years and how thoughts and opinions on how to diagnose diabetes has become much more scientific, using b...




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