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How Do Germs Spread?

HOW DO GERMS SPREAD? SKIN TO OBJECTS TOUCHING SKIN TO SKIN Only 77% SKIN TO SURFACE of survey respondents wash hands after using a public restroom. Germs can last more than 2 hours on any surface. Some viruses have been found up to 24 hours after contact. UNDERCOOKED FOOD CONTAMINATED FOOD 142,000 50% salmonella infections occur each year in the U.S. from eggs alone. of foodborne illnesses EATING are caused by poor personal hygiene. UNWASHED FRUITS AND VEGETABLES INCORRECTLY STORED OR PREPARED FOOD UNTREATED OR CONTAMINATED WATER #1 Dirty water is the cause of death worldwide. DRINKING IMPROPERLY WASHED GLASSES SHARING GLASSES 1 germ can become 8 million germs in just 24 hours. TALKING COUGHING Certain airborne germs can travel up to 3 feet in the air. BREATHING SNEEZING Germs travel out of the mouth at 80 mph when you sneeze. INSECTS WILD ANIMALS BITES PETS 70,000 people a year develop salmonella from simply touching a pet reptile. Children under 5 with weak immune systems should avoid contact with reptiles. Infographic Provided By: • Sources: World-Water-Day-Dirty-water-kills-more-people-than- violence-says-UN *AFTER HOURS PED

How Do Germs Spread?

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Fruits and vegetables are essential for good health! However, if your child consumes unwashed fruits or vegetables, she may end up getting sick. Parents can learn about avoiding the spread of germs fr...


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