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How did you sleep last night?

HOW DID YOU ? SLEEP LAST NIGHT Many people consider sleep a waste of time and see nothing wrong in sleeping less than of insomnia is generally nothing to worry about, chronic sleep loss hours a night. While a short period 11 12 10 raises much deeper concern, since it can lead to health problems with the immune system, cardiovascular health, memory and * concentration, mood and metabolism. A good night sleep is one of life's basic components and provides the necessary energy and alertness to carry out daily tasks. You really should think twice before going to bed at a late hour again.Habitually depriving your body of the few precious hours of sleep has side effects way more serious than leaden heavy eyelids and perpetual yawning in the morning. 3. :8: 4. 6 5 1 SLEEP NEEDS NEWBORNS 0-2 months 12 - 18 HOURS INFANTS 3 months to 1 year 14 - 15 HOURS TODDLERS 12 - 14 HOURS 1 to 3 years PRESCHOOLERS 3 to 5 years 11 - 13 HOURS SCHOOL-AGED CHILDREN 10 - 11 HOURS 5 to 12 years TEENS 8.5 - 10 HOURS AND PRETEENS 12 to 18 years ADULTS 7.5 - 9 HOURS 18+ 2 DANGERS OF SLEEP DEPRIVATION RISK OF CANCER RISK OF HEART DISEASE The likelihood of breast cancer is doubled The risk of a heart attack increases by 100% for those who go to sleep too late for those who sleep for less than 7hrs per night +200% RISK +100% RISK LESS SLEEP LESS SLEEP OBESITY RISK OF DEATH Instead of watching TV, try to sleep 1hr more Not getting enough sleep means and see how you lose 14,3lbs per year that you are 20% more likely to die in 20 years >-14,3 LBS PER YEAR +20% RISK MORE SLEEP LESS SLEEP MOST COMMON SLEEP POSITIONS 3 AND PERSONALITY FOETUS 41% LOG 15% YEARNER 13% Personality: social, easygoing. Personality: Personality: shy and sensitive, though they may present a tough exterior to the world. social, easygoing. SOLDIER 8% FREEFALLER 7% STARFISH 5% Personality: brash and Personality: good listener who makes friends easily, but prefers not to be the center of atten- tion. Personality: quiet and reserved, sets high standards. gregarious exterior, may inwardly be nervous and sensitive to criticism. 4 SLEEP FACTS STATISTICS UP TO 15% OF PEOPLE SLEEP WALK (SOMNAMBULISM) WE ROUGHLY SPEND AROUND 1/3 OF OUR LIVES SLEEPING... ONE IN 20 MEN HAVE SLEEP APNEA. zzz. Z22. IF YOU AVOID SLEEP FOR MORE THAN 10 DAYS, YOU WILL DIE. AN AVERAGE MAN HAS 10 ERECTIONS DURING HIS SLEEP. AROUND 100,000 DRIVERS A YEAR CRASH GOING IN AND OUT OF SLEEP IN THEIR CARS. 1 IN 12 PEOPLE HAVE SEX IN THEIR SLEEP. IT'S CALLED "SEXSOMNIA". 5 DREAMING FACTS STATISTICS Human beings spend roughly 6 years of their lifetime dreaming Some people dream in black and white Humans tend to have around 3 to 7 dreams a night. We dream around 2 to 3 hours during the whole night People remember only 10% of their dreams. Within 5 minutes of waking, half of your dream is forgotten. Within 10 minutes, 90% is gone. You can experience a real orgasm in your dream foos Check out more infographics on com SOURCES:

How did you sleep last night?

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Many people consider sleep a waste of time and see nothing wrong in sleeping less than 6 hours a night. Sleep is important. Check how much.



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