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How a Cosy Home Helps Your Health

The Health Benefits of a Family Home Working Hours ×** XXX Our working week is increasing, especially in the tech and finance sectors. 60 HRS 40 HRS PER WEEK PER WEEK a 100-hour-week is not uncommon! That's about the same a miner might have endured before working week limits became law in the mid-twentieth-century. Technology Technology makes our lives easier in many ways, but it has also made working from home, or on the go, a seamless experience. 5) 40% of people check their emails outside of work 5x a day 1/3 of people say remote access to work means they can NEVER fully switch off. How do we strike the right work/ life balance? People are seeking out ways to fix their work/life balance, address their mental health and reconnect with their homes in a meaningful way. LIFE WORK A Healthy Home HAPPY HOME XXXXXXXX It's an old saying, but it's true: health and happiness are intrinsically linked when it comes to your home: A recent study in the US showed that happier, safer family homes had FEWER instances of asthma. If a family member suffers from depression or high stress levels, this can affect the WHOLE HOUSEHOLD. According to a new UK wide study conducted by Yakult, young brits feel their life lacks purpose. The top three things that DO give them a sense of purpose in life are: 24% 49% 25%, Having a sense of family Being healthy Creating a loving home Another study showed that the top 5 things people valued most in life were: 44% 1. Family Time 43% 2. А Нарру Нome 41% 3. Physical Health 38% 4. Mental Health 35% 5. Faithful Relationship 10 20 30 40 50 ... Getting that cosy feeling around the World Let's see how our friends around the globe do it... Hygge A Danish word used when acknowledging a cosy, charming or special feeling or moment. Sobremesa A Spanish term that refers to time enjoyed at the table, after eating, simply chatting to your family and friends. Hello! Tech Sabbath. The world over, all screens and tech are turned off for 24 hours - often Friday until Saturday. Advocated by many Rabbis/Jewish faith. "Too Little Tea" A Japanese expression that refers to a person too busy to stop and "smell the roses", or drink tea. Taken from "The Book of Tea". Fjaka A Croatian word that basically refers to downtime. The sweetness of doing nothing. If your country doesn't have a specific 'cosy' expression or routine, here are some simple ways you could easily incorporate the sentiment into your life: Grab a cup of tea/cocoa Light a fire, or candles Make a Sunday roast (A fifth of British households no longer own a dining table, according to a poll for Co-op Food.) X Make a Full English Brekkie Bake a cake Read a book Świtch off devices! "Technology is not a hygge activity" says Marie Tourell Søderberg, author of Hygge: The Danish Art of Happiness. Take a walk, find a pub So, how do we SWITCH OFF ? Tech is bad right? Well, maybe not strictly speaking - some technology companies are starting to help us out with built-in timers, reminders, blockers and screen dimmers on our phones. Apps such as 'Forest' will grow a virtual tree as long as you leave your phone alone for a set amount of time - even contributing to the planting of REAL trees once you build up points! "Offtime' is an example of an app that will literally block you from using specific apps for a specified amount of time. Some apps coach you into better habits when it comes to using your phone. The 'Moment' app sets small achievable goals to help minimise the use of your phone. "Not another app?!" Most smartphones have built-in wellbeing features to help monitor your usage. Apple integrated their tool 'Screen Time' which can be found in settings. Google's 'Digital Wellbeing' feature is supported on all Google Pixel phones and on most devices running Android 9. XXXX XXXXX Make your house feel likea HOME XXXXXXXXXXXX Personalise X Personalise your home with treasured bits and bobs X A house without personality is a sterile place X Postcards, photographs, collages - frame your keepsakes X Let your house tell your story Cosify X In a recent survey, 25% of people said "comfort" was the best word to describe home X Use throws and blankets to create a comfortable welcoming space Illuminate X Don't have a lovely open fire? The right light can bring a comforting glow to any room - choose a warm white bulb, rather than cool white X Candles are great for bringing serenity to a room, especially fragranced ones! Declutter X As per the Kon Mari approach, keep only what brings you joy X A less cluttered and chaotic home means your mind can be still and you can feel more relaxed Sources wayfair.couk Brought to you by ......-

How a Cosy Home Helps Your Health

shared by RFox91 on Nov 06
In this modern, fresh hell we are living it, our mental health is attack from all angles. The world is literally burning, politics and the news seem to be informed wholly by your nightmares, and there...


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