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How to combat employee stress

HOW TO СOMBAT EMPLOYEE STRESS LEAVE REJECT LET GO GET SOME YOUR DESK NEGATIVITY OF CONTROL "ME TIME' If possible, avoid eating lunch Negative thinking can sap Some things are beyond our Work-life balance is key to at your desk. Taking a break energy and motivation: control, and key to reducing reducing stress and to eat and enjoy a relaxing instead try to think stress is accepting that. maintaining a healthy mealtime can relieve the positively, take pride in Instead focus on the things lifestyle, so it's important to symptoms of stress and help avoid indigestion. accomplishments and don't you can change and make time for yourself take on negative attitudes influence, such as your outside of work and try to that colleagues may express. reaction to problems. leave work at the door. FORGET LISTEN BE WARY GET PERFECTIONISM TO MUSIC OF CAFFEINE ENOUGH SLEEP Ditch perfectionism and stop Listening to relaxing music Caffeine can cause individuals While stress and sleep can being too self-critical. Instead has the potential to reduce to feel 'wound up' so limiting form a vicious circle, getting set realistic goals and stress and anxiety, while intake of products like coffee, enough sleep is vital to fight expectations, and if they aren't lowering blood pressure and tea and fizzy drinks can help to stress. If you're well-rested met avoid seeing it as a failure, heart rate. If your workplace reduce stress. That's not to say you'll be better equipped to rather as a learning curve. permits, donning your you have to avoid it altogether. deal with issues at work with headphones for some Mozart more clarity. should do just the trick! HAVE A RECOGNISE YOUR BEAT DEEP GOOD LAUGH MOODS THE RUSH BREATHING Laughing reduces the amount Realise when you're stressed Leaving for work 5-10 When things get stressful of cortisol in your body (the and what your response is to minutes earlier than usual can taking some deep breaths can stress hormone) and boosts the feeling. Once you save a great deal of stress and help restore balance. Inhale endorphins.Watching a funny recognise this it'll be easier to make your morning more for 5 seconds, hold and exhale YouTube video over lunch or determine how to change the relaxed. Rushing, on the other in equal counts through the chatting with a friend could situation and alleviate the hand, can put you in bad stead nose. Repeat a few times and do the world of good. tension you're feeling. for the rest of the day. you should feel calmer. ONE AT EAT REMIND GET ΑΤΙΜE WELL YOURSELF COMFORTABLE Focus on accomplishing one Eating healthily can have a Ask yourself: "What do I like Little things like an thing at a time, like 20 minutes positive affect on all aspects of about my job? What aspects uncomfortable seat or a noisy answering emails before life. Make time to eat, and see am I best at?". This can help environment can either cause getting on with a project. This meals as setting you up for you reconnect with your role or increase stress. Create a will enable you to focus on the rest of day and providing and see that despite stressful work space that is your workload and see the energy - which means you situations there are parts of comfortable and productive progress you anre making. shouldn't skip any! the job that bring joy. for you and talk to managers to achieve this. GET SOME GET AVOID IT'S GOOD EXERCISE А НОВBY CONFLICT TO TALK Exercise is a great stress Developing interests and Where possible steer clear Talking over your worries reliever, however isn't hobbies outside of work of conflict, this only serves or concerns with someone necessarily something you can open up your social to increase stress. Deal with you trust allows you to get can do at work. Going for a network and provide some issues professionally and the issues off your chest in a walk at lunchtime or trying relief from stressful work take time to reflect on them safe environment and can to get 30 minutes of situations. Hobbies like before entering a situation reduce stress. They also aerobic exercise outside knitting or a sport can also with the potential to might have valuable advice work can go a long way! help alleviate stress. or help to give you. become heated. ON OFF SCHEDULE AVOID TAKE TAKE TASKS INTERRUPTIONS IT HIGHER BREAKS Scheduling tasks and Interruptions are a part of If your workload or Short breaks throughout the responsibilities is a good life but can be stressful, expectations of you are day are not only good for way of mapping out days especially if they happen in causing you stress or added giving your eyes a break from and avoiding over-doing it. the middle of a task. When pressure, talk to your screens (if you are in a desk Planning and prioritising can that happens write a quick employer or manager and job) but they also allow you help you to see clearly how memo to remind yourself discuss ways to improve the to clear your mind, recharge your time will be spent and where you left off before situation. Getting the issues and go back to your desk help to manage stress. dealing with the new issue. out in the open could help feeling more productive. lessen the load. LUNCHBOX BOOSTS BROCCOLI FISH AND MILK WHOLEGRAINS BANANAS Broccoli is an excellent source Vitamin BI2, which is found in Foods like wholegrain pasta Potassium-rich bananas of vitamins BI and B3, which fish and milk, aids the body in and bread provide your body regulate your heart rate and help combat stress by limiting producing serotonin which with steady release energy help calm you down if you're nerve damage and helping the can help to combat and unlike the white varieties, stressed. The sugars in them body become better equipped depression and improve sleep. help to reduce energy slumps also provide energy! to deal with it. and as a result mood swings. ORANGES DARK SPINACH AVOCADO CHOCOLATE Vitamin C found in oranges Not only does dark Adding spinach to your salad Half an avocado contains chocolate contain provides magnesium to your diet. Too little magnesium helps revert two of the more potassium than a physical impacts of stress antioxidants, but eating as medium-sized banana, by lowering levels of little as 40g of it a day can helping to reduce high blood pressure. can trigger headaches and cortisol and returning help significantly reduce fatigue, exacerbating the blood pressure to normal. stress hormones like cortisol effects of stress. and catecholamine. UNUM.CO.UK unum SOURCES AND REFERENCES Because everyone needs a back-up plan +)

How to combat employee stress

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Workplace wellbeing is now increasingly at the forefront of employers’ agendas. It is generally considered that for a business to function, it needs to ensure that its employees are healthy, happy a...




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