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How to Claim for Medical Negligence

Medical Negligence Types and Claiming Procedure Large numbers of medical negligence cases are reporting each year Cases11707 2011-2012 Types of Medical Negligence Type 1 Type 2 Hospital Negligence GP negligence Type 3 Type 4 QUCH! Birth/Pregnancy Negligence Dental Negligence Type 6 Type 5 Nursing Negligence i Misdiagnosis Type 7 Surgical Negligence Transplant Errors Cosmetic Surgery Type 8 Anesthesia Negligence Responsible Authorities to pay for the Compensation of Medical Negligence NHS authority Private ------------- hospitals Dentist's insurance company GPs and their insurers Cosmetic surgeons or their insurers NHSLA (National Health Service Litigation, 1 5470 2007-2008 Reported clinical negligence claims 1 6088 2008-2009 0.8 % 66,059 up to the year 2011 11.3 % I CASES 9.3 % 1 6652 2009-2010 30.1 % 35.3% 18655 2010-2011 111707 2011-2012 % increase in every year obstetrics and gynecology Surgery medicine Nursing Ambulance care Primary Care Top three claims Medical Negligence Claim Procedure It is recommended for a victim to hire services of specialist medical negligence solicitor to make a claim. Medical negligence cases are different from simple personal injury claims so expert medical negligence solicitor can deal better. step 1 First of all claimant should collect all evidences to prove that reason of his serious injury was negligence of medical expert; doctor, surgeon, dentist or nurse. step 2 Claimant should also have record of all his medical documents; appointments with doctors, medical bills, prescriptions and payment receipts as a proof of his medical negligence injury and related financial losses. step 3 Medical negligence solicitor collects information from other medical specialists of related field to show that in the same situation any other competent doctor would not have made that mistake. step 4 After analyzing the case thoroughly and checking its strength medical negligence solicitor sends the claim letter to the responsible medical team. This claim letter includes all details that how medical team became responsible of negligence and how they caused injury to the patient. step 5 If negligent party agrees on paying compensation to the claimant then with the advice of solicitor claimant can settle the case out of court. Otherwise expert medical negligence solicitor can bring the case into court to win deserved amount of compensation for the claimant. step 6 For claimant it is necessary to report his medical negligence compensation soon after the identification of his medical negligence injury. Normally time limit to launch a claim is not more than three years after the identification of injury by poor medical treatment. In case of child becomes victim of medical negligence, claim should be introduced before the 18th birthday of the child. step 7 To avoid such time limitations, Person who suffered, should contact medical negligence solicitor soon after his unexpected bad experience of clinical negligence. It will help in collecting all useful evidences in support of compensation claim in time. step 8 How Much Compensation to 19 Expect? 19 pain General damages injury disability Receipts and other written proofs may help in achieving extra special damages compensation General damages can be calculated with time duration suffering is more for the victim more compensation amount would be received loss of earning Special damages travelling costs treatment costs other financial losses Receipts and other written proofs How long will a Claim take to settle? It does not take more than 12 months to completely investigate medical negligence cases. Time taken by claim to settle depends on number of factors Advantages and disadvantages of hiring a Medical Solicitors Advantages Disadvantages You can be informed freely about your eligibility to make compensation claim. It is difficult to find dedicated and expert solicitor. Free consultation by medial injury solicitors encourages you to make claim. Incompetent solicitor can harm your medical negligence injury claim. Professional solicitor can evaluate your case more technically. In case of successful injury claim a large portion of your settlement money goes in covering legal fees of personal injury solicitors. Your medical negligence solicitor has knowledge of all laws and legal acts about p ersonal injury which you may not have. Usually personal injury solicitors fail to give quality time to their clients because of their engagement with more than one case at a time. Medical negligence solicitor can decide exact compensation you are entitled to, by evaluating extent of your injury and damages. To bring the case in court can be easier for you if you have hired medical solicitor. Services of medical injury solicitor can increase value of your case or you may receive more compensation than your expectation by hiring solicitor. Reference for Statistics Created & Powered clearwater solicitors ----- -----

How to Claim for Medical Negligence

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Medical negligence may result in most unexpected type of personal injury. Negligence shown by medical experts, doctors, nurses, dentists, surgeons or GPs can lead simple medical impairments to life th...


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