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How To Beat Belly Fat

Republic Fitness HOW TO BEAT BELLY FAT FITNESS: Beat belly bloat and help your abs look flatter DO IT IN Interval training has shown to reduce stubborm belly fat. BURSTS Mix up your pace with HIIT or Tabata workouts to see results. 150 | The minimum amount of moderately intense activity MINUTES you need every week to start losing belly fat. STAND Good posture makes your stomach TALL look flatter and you up to 10 pounds thinner. The amount of extra calories you burn after 200 2minutes of intense exercise. WORK Do exercises that strengthen your core YOUR and back for a slim waist. CORE Here's a tip: Add planks to every workout! FOOD: Blast belly fat and whittle your middle PICK Fruits like Papaya And Pineapple contain TROPICS enzymes that help digestion and de-bloating. THINK Studies show that mono-saturated fatty acids found in FATS foods like avocado, nuts, and olive oil may target belly fat. GO Research has shown that Blueberries may BLUE help diminish belly fat. SKIP FOODS HIGH | Oat Bran, IN SOLUBLE FIBER Beans, Citrus EAT FOODS HIGH IN INSOLUBLE FIBER Avoid carbonated drinks, fatty and salty foods which DEBLOAT can make you retain more water or feel uncomfortably full. FAST Slow Down, Eating too fast can cause you to swallow air, making you feel bloated. Avoid Chewing gum, it can also trap air in your belly. whole grains, almonds, MAKE YOUR Yogurt's active cultures increase the amount of good BELLY bacteria in your gut which can help you digest HAPPY fod better for a flatter belly. carrots It's not just about having a flat stomach Source: THE SCARY FACTS ABOUT BELLY FAT Belly fat can increase your risk of diabetes, heart disease, and high blood pressure tures/the-truth-about-fat A waist measurement of 35 inches or more in women can indicate an UNHEALTHY AMOUNT OF BELLY FAT. womens -health-depth/bel- ly-fat/art-20045809

How To Beat Belly Fat

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Whether it’s caused by fat or by air, a pot belly is still a pot belly!


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