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How to Beat Bad Breath

BEATING BAD BREATH 57% of bad breath sufferers also have feelings of depression A Definitive Guide to Oral Hygiene Bad breath is probably the biggest turn off in any social setting. Here's a sure way to practice healthy oral hygiene habits, and be comfortable any time, anywhere! 60% of bad breath sufferers also suffer from stress WORLD 2.5-3.2 BILLION PEOPLE HAVE BAD BREATH What is HALITOSIS? It is the medical term for "bad breath. USA 80 MILLION AMERICANS HAVE BAD BREATH AMERICANS SPEND $10 BILLION / YEAR ON ORAL HYGIENE PRODUCTS SURGERY IS REQUIRED IN MORE THAN 2% OF BAD BREATH CASES Bad Breath Breakdown Digests proteins from leftover food particles Anaerobic bacteria Releases volatile sulfur compounds (VSCS) aka "rotten egg odor" HOW HALITOSIS AFFECTS DAILY LIFE A huge turn off: · Romance situations • Workplace Social settings Personally damaging: • Low self-esteem • Feelings of embarrassment · Anxiety THE MAIN CAUSES HYGIENE PRACTICES TO REDUCE BAD BREATH OF BAD BREATH Dry Mouth Why? A dry mouth is a perfect environment for bad breath bacteria Drink Water At least 8 glasses a day How does it work? A dry mouth has a low saliva level • Your saliva is loaded with oxygen · Bad breath bacteria cannot live in the presence of oxygen • Low saliva = low oxygen = bad breath Gargle / Rinse with an oxygenating liquid Certain Foods Why? Reduce dense proteins Erample: Dairy, Meat, Fish The bacteria that cause bad breath have favorite foods just like us How does it work? • These bacteria convert food proteins to smelly sulfur compunds - and garlic and onions already have sulturl • These bacteria thrive in acidic environment with plenty of sugars to use as high energy fuel Reduce coffee, sugary drinks, and acidic drinks (ex. citrus juices) Dental Problems Brush After each meal Your tongue as well Why? Poor oral care causes plaque buildup How does it work? • Plaque leads to gum disease and bleeding gums · Bad breath bacteria convert proteins in blood and diseased gum tissue to stinky sulfur compounds Regular dental checkups and cleanings Every 6 months Illness and Disease Why? Stop smoking Dry mouth is an effect of many common illnesses like diabetes or lung disease How does it work? • Many diseases can cause the production of saliva to slow down which creates a perfect, low oxygen environment where bad breath bacteria thrive Diet including increased fiber Home Remedies for Halitosis Common "Remedies" that Don't Work That actually work Chewing or Blending Cloves/ Peppermint Leaves SALT • These have essential oils that are antibacterial, but you'd have to consume a ridiculous amount to have any effect. Eat an Apple after Each Meal • This freshens breath and removes large food particles between teeth Gargle with Salt Water • This reduces the amount of postnasal drip and mucus in the throat Rinse with Lemon Juice and Water Baking Soda • Lemon juice is very acidic, so like cofee and fruit juices it will actually contribute to bad breath. Occasionally Brush with Baking Soda • This neutralizes excess acids in your oral cavity, preventing aerobic bacteria from having an environment in which they can thrive. Clinically Proven Treatments Stimulate your Salivary Flow • Prevent dry mouth by having sugar free chewing gum, lozenges, or mints. TheraBreath Toothpaste and Mouthwash • Destroy the bacteria that cause bad breath by increasing saliva flow and oxygenation Use Xylitol as a sweetener It in non-sucroe and studies show thatt has ant-cavity properties No one wants to be plagued by bad breath. Step away from embarrassment and toward the minty freshness of confidence! Sources htp/ bacteria html stop-bad-breath html International Joumal of Dental Hygiene / Volume 6, Issue 1, pgs 2-7, February 2008 TheraBreath

How to Beat Bad Breath

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Bad breath can be a major hindrance in social and professional settings. This infographic explains the main causes of bad breath and how to keep your mouth hygienic.




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