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How to Be Happy

The Science of Happiness The Hippocampus area of the human brain responsible for happiness and positive memories. Serotoninis a NH2 Serotonin helps regulate learning - mood sleep sexuality & appetite neurotransmitter Но. synthesized from the amino acid tryptophan commonly found in Turkey NH a day outside in good weather 20 minutes boosts positive mood broadens thinking and improves working memory 10% happier than unmarried people Married people are Clergyman Actor Architect Firefighter Around the world, consumerism is the Наppiest Occupations: BIGGEST suppressant of happiness. Nigeria and Mexico: Most optimistic people Mexico and Puerto Rico: Most satisfied people In the whole world, the happiest people live in Iceland 94% America is the Denmark 91% 16th happiest country in the world. Sweden 91% Netherlands 91% Australia 90% 20 40 60 80 100 Happiness is maximized at 13.9°C 57°F Healthy people are HAPPIER THAN 20% 0.24% Having a child reduces happiness by ON AVERAGE AVERAGE. Walking for 20 Minutes Sitting "Exercise releases that make PROTEINS and the brain ENDORPHINS feel happier." In a study of patients with depression. only 9% 38% 31% of patients treated with exercise of patients treated with medication of patients treated with medication and exercise exhibited tendencies of relapsing into depression during the course of the study. Dopamine НО. Dopamine helps regulate: - the brain's reward and pleasure centers NH2 is a НО - movement & neurotransmitter - emotional responses Dopamine is sythesized from Tyrosine found in: POULTRY FISH MILK BANANAS Get some sleep. Sleep-deprived people have a harder time remembering positive ideas, and an easier time remembering negative ideas. In a study of ZZZ Sleep-Deprived College Students 81% of negative words students remembered: 31% of positive words The Happiest Kids in the World 1. Mexico "Close friends 2. Spain 3. Brazil 4. Germany and family"* * The most important source of a kid's happiness. 5. America The two biggest factors that contribute to happiness around the world: 43% who attend church service weekly 31% who attend a A sense of community & service 26% monthly who never attend church ! say they are "Verý Háppy" frequent community celebrations Level 5: Life Purpose Maslow's Heirarchy inredients for of Needs The Level 4 Respect Level 3 Relationships Level 2 Security Level 1 Basic Biological Needs happiness: hours Neighbor Z a week 100 hours a year is the amount of time we should spend actively helping the people in our community. Income above People in the highest income bracket are about $20,000 us 3.5%) НАРPIER THAN AVERAGE per capita yields a minimal increases in happiness. of 34% 44% of men women 83% say that Christmas is about spending time with family and friends get the holiday blues brought to you by WebpageFX Sources: The University of Illinois Evangelical Alliance UK Affirmation: Think Positively Nurtureshock by Po Bronson and Ashley Merryman Abraham Maslow 2012 Study: 400 Kids ages 6 - 12 in 12 countries The Happiness Advantage by Shawn Achor The US General Social Survey The American Meteorological Society World Value Survey, New Scientist |||||

How to Be Happy

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The Science of Happiness. Happiness means different things to each of us, but biology and psychology reveal a lot of factors that contribute to our overall mood and emotions. Read through this inf...




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