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How To Avoid Signs Of Aging Naturally

How to Avoid Signs of Aging Naturally Over 15% of the U.S. population are now age 65 or over Protect Your Skin (and Eyes) From The Sun 53% WOMEN protect themselves from sun. 36% MEN 53% 36% WOMEN protect themselves from sun. MEN Reapply in Avoid sun exposure in between 2 hours 10 a.m and 4 p.m Exercise Regularly 67% 59% V/S of men are of women are overweight overweight Men love their meat, and women are attached to carbohydrates. 3 Maintain A Healthful Diet Vegetables Fruits Whole Grains Low-Fat Dairy Lean Protein All can help fight inflammation and keep you looking your best. Stop Smoking And Limit Alcohol Smokers and Drunkers get 10 TIMES MORE WRINKELS and GREY HAIR than non-smokers and non-drunkers. 5 Kick Away The Stress 56% of older people are more likely than younger people to say "I AM DEPRESSED". Percentage of peoples under stress 80 70 56% Olders 60 50 40 43% 30 20 43% 10 Younger Young People Older People Depression among the elderly can be effectively treated with medication. 6 Cut Down Your Sugar lintake 80% of food items are spiked with added sugar which will cause diabetes Sugar intake should be halved to just five teaspoons a day. Anti Aging Cosmetics And Products Lifecell Cream Botox Removes Wrinkles Instantly 34% Botox Alternative 66% Alternative Remove Brightns Dark Circles Puffiness 24 Hour Hydration I People Says Yes 1 People Says No Plumps Lifts & Firms Best Alternative to Botox: Lifecell Cream 8 Sleep Early. Get Sufficient Sleep. As expected, those ages 20 to 30 had the longest, 10-11 8.5 - 9.5 deepest sleep, followed hours hours by those ages 40 to 55. Adults (20-30) Older (40-55) More often. Be happy. Smiling instantly makes you look younger and more beautiful. Sources: For more information on Skin Care visit:

How To Avoid Signs Of Aging Naturally

shared by EmmaBrown on Feb 13
It is not easy to forget the memories of youthful days, when everyone used to get attracted towards you. You might be wishing to rewind the clock, and get back the same look. A little care can help yo...


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