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How To Assemble Your Zombie First Aid Kit

HOW TO ASSEMBLE YOUR ZMBIE FIRST T AID KIT Are you prepared for the next Zombie outbreak? No? Good thing you came across this handy guide. There is no better way to prepare for the apocalypse then to put together a first aid kit for survival. Keep it in your closet, because you never know when the undead will rise. BANDAGES You are bound to get cut or scraped in your pursuit of safety, so it is very important to have something to stop or slow the bleeding. Zombie's attraction to blood is 57 times stronger than that of a Great White Shark, so get that stuff covered quick! CPR MASK PAIN RELIEF Why a CPR mask? Ever try to give Now, if you've been reading through this first aid kit for survival you've CPR to someone covered in zombie goo? Didn't think so. Make sure none of the goo got in their eyes, other wise you might as well get a shotgun. noticed that none of this sounds like it's going to be pleasant, and your right. ITS NOT. You will need some pain relief. Do not forget this. BACKPACK Think you can hold all that stuff in your hands? Think again, Get a BURN CREAM good backpack. We recommend one that can store at least 1200 cu. in. and made of heavy duty mesh. HEAD WRAP You will most likely be surrounded by fire. See, zombies are stupid, and easily distracted. Because of this, people start fires. And sometimes, they are stupid while they are starting fires and they get burned. This is why any burn treatment or ointments will be important, It is a known fact that 75% of all zombies go straight for the head, after all, brain is there favorite appetizer. Taking that into consideration, head bandages are key. That is, of course, if you survive the first wave of attacks. EYE CARE ANTISEPTIC This isn't really zombie related, but did you ever have an eyelash or something else in your eye? You're gonna want something to flush it out with. Most people say if there is a bite, "leave the wounded for dead." It's a controversial fact that most zombie infections can be stopped if treated within five minutes of the bite. This is known as the "Five Minute Rule." ADDITIONAL ITEMS Now that you have your first aid kit prepared there are a few more supplies you may neeƤ. YOU WILL NEED 1 GALLON OF MAKE SURE TO SELECT LOW MAINTENANCE, WATER A DAY PER PERSON. NON-PERISHABLE FOOD THAT IS HIGH IN PROTEIN AND LOW IN CARBS. BEANS ARE GOOD, PLUS THE DID YOU KNOW? Think zombies are your biggest danger? Think again. GAS MIGHT SCARE A FEW OF THE UNDEAD AWAY. DID YOU KNOW? 1/5 Think that moldy food is still edible? Think again. Being food poisoned and chased by zombies increases your chance of death by over zombie survivors ultimately succumbs to dehydration, which is the scientific term for 75% being really freakin' thirsty. IN CASE YOU DIDN'T FOLLOW BECAUSE IT'S WAY BETTER THAN A KNIFE. OUR NON-PERISHABLE FOOD SUGGESTION. DID YOU KNOW? DID YOU KNOW? Extra underpants come in handy even if you don't A machete is have bathroom accidents. 300% You can dress wounds with the fabric, and also use them as ear warmers, Make sure no one in your party has a camera more awesome than a knife, HAS THERE EVER BEEN A SITUATION THAT DUCT IT IS A WELL KNOWN FACT THAT ZOMBIES ARE TAPE CAN'T HANDLE? DIDN'T THINK SO. REPULSED BY BACON, SO THIS IS A MUST. DID YOU KNOW? MacGyver once killed 200 zombies with one roll of duct tape. DID YOU KNOW? Bacon is really zombified pigs. If it starts moving, don't eat it. LAST LINES OF DEFENSE If all else fails, here are a few ideas for a last ditch effort to survive. IMPRESS RUN GIVE UP Impress them with your Make sure your iPhone is Stuck? Trapped? dancing skills, and fully charged, plug it into Cornered? The last convince them to join a speaker, put "I'm A choice you have is to you, Thriller style. Survivor" by Reba assume the fetal Mcentire on, then make position and start crying. a run for it. More than And hey, maybe being a likely, the zombies will kill zombie isn't that bad themselves, anyway. Only one way to find out. a single mom who Wonard too Copyright 2012 | All Rights Reserved DUCT TAPE WATER EXTRA UNDERPANTS BACON MACHETE CANNED FOOD

How To Assemble Your Zombie First Aid Kit

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Are you prepared for going on the run in the event of a zombie apocalypse? No? - you've found the right infographic to help you get prepared!




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